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Coach Platinum Coach Eau de Parfum

Platinum, the men’s fragrance Coach New-York

Above all, Coach is famous for its chic and casual clothes, combined with its high quality leather goods. Nevertheless, a few years ago, Coach also decided to go into perfumery, first by creating a feminine perfume, quickly followed by its male counterpart . Today, it is precisely its fragrance for men that is reinventing itself. Focus on the latest brand creation: Coach Platinum.

Coach Platinum, a lively and contrasting fragrance

Coach Platinum is a perfume that does not lack explosiveness and which is addressed to all the daring men of our time. It deploys multiple contrasts on their skin and surprises with its ingredients that everything opposes but which unite here in perfect harmony. It all starts with an incisive alliance of tangy pineapple and more incandescent black pepper. Juniper berries complete this association and give it more richness. Then the heart of Coach Platinum is enriched with a more aromatic and elegant flavor. Scarlée sage is associated here with geranium, for a slightly peppery finish. Coach Platinum then softens on contact with vanilla. The latter has a tanned and leathery scent for ever more sensuality. It becomes masculine in contact with patchouli and

When the New York codes are invited in perfumery

Coach Platinum is aimed at all adventurous and modern men, possessing an urban rage in them and wishing to discover the diversity of the great outdoors. In fact, Coach Platinum was imagined as a road trip starting and ending in New York, the place of its origins. It takes us to discover the great outdoors and invites us to discover the world with ardor and enthusiasm. As for her belonging to New York City, it is obvious from the sight of her bottle. This one is decorated with the famous logo of the brand, on its front face. As you will have recognized, this is a famous horse-drawn carriage, an absolute emblem of Central Park. The world of leather goods dear to Coach New York is also omnipresent. It is displayed via a black leather link attached to its collar. Likewise, the Coach Platinum spray cap echoes the Coach bag closure, invented in 1954. Coach Platinum is a juice that has all the attributes of the brand to which it belongs, but which also invites us to meet new things. It dares an explosion of flavors and an undeniable dynamism, while preserving in spite of everything an extraordinary refinement. Coach Platinum is the scent of an urban man, curious and eager for discovery.


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