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Eau de parfum La Belle Le Parfum Jean-Paul Gaultier

La Belle, Le Parfum: The new Jean-Paul Gaultier

However, it is precisely this corset that has been dressing this feminine perfume since 1993. He first browsed the bottle of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s bestseller: Le Classique. Then, its bottle in the shape of a female body was modernized, in 2019, to give birth to La Belle . Even today, history repeats itself and Jean-Paul Gaultier presents La Belle Eau de Parfum Intense, a new concentrate of temptation and desire!

Discovering the female body via the Jean-Paul Gaultier bottle

< p> Let’s start with the visual discovery of this perfume. Like many Jean-Paul Gaultier fragrances, it comes in packaging in the shape of a tin can. The idea may seem preposterous. But after all, isn’t that the hallmark of Jean-Paul Gaultier? Inside it hides a glass bottle in the shape of a female bust. Here, the corset of yesteryear has completely disappeared and the woman’s body becomes completely naked. The bottle of La Belle Eau de Parfum Intense is covered with a red color. On the other hand, for the very first time, it degrades from black to red, for a smokier, bewitching and mysterious rendering. If this color was chosen, it is no coincidence: the one who wears this perfume is a tempting woman. Red becomes a symbol of passion, of desire and danger. For more refinement, a generous necklace of gold flowers is also attached to its collar.

Welcome to Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Garden of Eden!

The bottle of La Belle Eau de Parfum Intense , like its advertising campaign, immediately plunges us into a bewitching universe: that of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Garden of Eden. With a touch of provocation, the couturier makes this place a land entirely dedicated to desires and pleasures. The woman who wears this perfume enchants us as much with her dream figure as with her unbridled spirit. La Belle Eau de Parfum Intense is a compendium of wonderful and irresistible sins. Immediately, this gourmet fragrance makes you want to succumb to temptation.

The oriental and vanilla scent of La Belle Eau de Parfum Intense

Finally, on the scent side, La Belle Eau de Parfum Intense uses the main raw materials present in La Belle. Unlike its predecessor, vetiver has disappeared in favor of tonka bean, less woody, but more roasted and enveloping. The pear, on the other hand, is always present. It reinforces the fruity and juicy aspect of this perfume, making it also more airy. Jasmine gives us its floral beauty with luminosity and opulence. Nevertheless, vanilla is indeed the star of this composition. It thus makes La Belle Eau de Parfum Intense the most delicious and gourmet of desserts!

In January 2021, Jean -Paul Gaultier presents a new perfume, derived from the previous female juice La Belle, released in 2019. This time, it intensifies its sensuality and makes it sexier than ever. This unique creation is called La Belle Eau de Parfum Intense and comes in a bottle in the shape of a glass bust. Completely undressed, this one only wears a necklace of golden flowers. Her body, meanwhile, is dressed in a new gradient evolving from red to black, while its luscious forms immediately make you want to sixteen it. La Belle Eau de Parfum Intense seems to come straight out of a Garden of Eden where all pleasures are allowed. But what about its olfactory recipe?

La Belle Eau de Parfum Intense, a sin of gluttony

La Belle Eau de Parfum Intense is a fragrance imagined as a forbidden fruit that it would be impossible to resist. A true call to temptation, it is like a forbidden object coveted by Eve in the Garden of Eden. Now, what greater sin than that of gluttony? So it is with this in mind that Jean-Paul Gaultier imagined his recipe. More concretely, he was inspired by his favorite delicacy: the Dessert Grand Cru Vanille from Pâtisserie des Rêves. Made by the famous pastry chef Philippe Conticini, this dessert is an overdose of vanilla that takes us with a simple breath in the tropics without even having to leave the capital. However, it is precisely this same vanilla that we find in the recipe for La Belle Eau de Parfum Intense. Occupying a central place in this perfume for women, it only amplifies its suave and tempting side.

Pear, an ingredient already present in La Belle by Jean-Paul Gaultier

In addition to vanilla, Jean-Paul Gaultier has taken up some of the ingredients already present in La Belle. Thus, it preserves the DNA of this oriental fragrance. We find in particular its emblematic touch of pear. Indeed, for Jean-Paul Gaultier, it would seem that the forbidden fruit is not the apple, but the pear. Juicy, green and airy, this one rebalances the whole of this recipe.

The new raw materials of La Belle Eau de Parfum Intense

But then, what about the novelties of this perfume? Jasmine occupies an essential place in the recipe of La Belle Eau de Parfum Intense. An essential flower in women’s perfumery, it amplifies the romanticism and the opulent side of this juice. Bright, it is now accompanied by tonka bean. In the past, with La Belle by Jean-Paul Gaultier, the emphasis was on vetiver. This one has disappeared. The result is a more roasted and enveloping side. Although La Belle Eau de Parfum Intense did not retain its woody aspect, its persistence and durability over time, however, remain intact.


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