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Eau de parfum Le Classique Airlines Edition 2020 Jean-Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Classic Eau de Parfum Airlines takes you on an imminent flight

This time, to surprise us even more, he signed a partnership with the airports and made a perfume bottle exclusively sold in Duty Free stores. The Classique Eau de Parfum Airlines is a variation of the famous Classique by Jean-Paul Gaultier , originally designed in 1993. So what about this fragrance intended for female travelers?

Immediate boarding for Le Classique Eau de Parfum Airlines!

The Classique Eau de Parfum Airlines is a limited edition of the famous Classique by Jean-Paul Gaultier, which promises to delight collectors. However, to get it, you will necessarily have to fly. Indeed, this special edition is exclusively sold in airport shops. Moreover, this is noticeable from the vision of his bottle. Indeed, its bottle always adopts the same form of female bust. However, the flesh-colored corset of the Le Classique perfume has disappeared, in favor of a short, midnight blue dress, which looks like borrowed from a flight attendant’s dressing room. Its waist is also surrounded by a badge bearing the symbol of an airplane. The Classique Eau de Parfum Airlines also comes in a small rectangular box, at the particularly aerial universe. Decorated with a flight attendant and a flight attendant, this container revolves around three main colors: blue, white and red. For a little and one would almost think that it is about a gasoline sponsored by the company Air France! So, does the idea appeal to you? Quickly update your passport and embark on the trip!

The Classic Eau de Parfum Airlines, the unchanged essence of Jean-Paul Gaultier

The Classique Eau de Parfum Airlines is a real novelty in terms of bottling. On the other hand, on the scent side, it preserves exactly the same recipe as the very first version of the Classic from 1993. As a reminder, this fragrance owes its existence to the perfumer Daphné Bugey. Here, it begins with surprising and intoxicating top notes of rose and rum. Then, the heart of the Classique Eau de Parfum Airlines is just as bewitching. It brings together narcissus and vanilla orchid. Moreover, this ingredient is also present at its base. Amplifying the sweet side of this composition, vanilla mingles with amber, tonka bean and sandalwood. The Classic Eau de Parfum Airlines leaves behind a particularly captivating trail.
The Classique Eau de Parfum Airlines is a special edition that was presented for the very first time on January 15, 2020, exclusively at airports, and limited to travel retail.


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