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Eau de parfum Oud Wa Vanilla Berdoues

Oud wood revisited by Berdoues

As such, it has developed a Grand Cru Collection bringing together multiple fragrances sewn using the finest raw materials. These are made like exceptional wines and are aged in vats until they obtain a strong personality. Also, among this collection, three perfumes based on oud wood have emerged: Oud Wa Ward, Oud Wa Misk and Oud Wa Vanillia. And it is precisely on the latter that our attention stops here …

Oud wood revisited by Berdoues

Oud wood is a particularly popular raw material in the East. If it was unrecognized by perfumers for a very long time, it has been a few years since the houses of creation have been fighting it. Indeed, this precious material offers an extraordinary richness to the wakes that contain it. Oud wood is known for its woody, leathery and animal scent. Its hints are even almost pharmaceutical, which makes it an ingredient appreciated by a clientele of insiders. In the eastern regions of the globe, it is a wood that has been used for centuries for medicinal, spiritual and aesthetic purposes. Today, its scarcity makes it a particularly expensive raw material, the price of which sometimes exceeds that of gold. In other words, Oud Wa Vanillia is a juice that could not be more prestigious. Indeed, only two to three varieties of tropical trees can produce oud. However, obtaining this resin requires unparalleled patience and only one in a hundred specimens contains this precious liquid. In fact, it is a resin produced when the tree is infected with certain fungi. In general, oud wood is synonymous with eroticism and sacredness. Its trail loaded with wild animals and incense could make your head spin! eroticism and sacredness. Its trail loaded with wild animals and incense could make your head spin! eroticism and sacredness. Its trail loaded with wild animals and incense could make your head spin!

The animal sweetness of Oud Wa Vanillia

The oud wood appears here particularly contrasted. Indeed, its dark side is softened by the presence of vanilla from Madagascar. This is one of the best strains in the world. This vanilla reveals in this juice all the richness of its flavor. It is soft and slightly smoky, which contrasts sharply with the aromatic dryness characteristic of oud wood. What’s more, jasmine also completes this blend. This one is known for its opulent wealth. Nevertheless, as a white flower, jasmine remains loaded with lightness which only makes the whole more airy. Finally, this harmony is complemented by amber. This ingredient serves as a support for this juice. Its sweetness then balances Oud Wa Vanillia and makes this raw material an ideal base for this fragrance. What’s more, it is an element with a slightly dusty scent, which helps to give an authentic appearance to this perfume. Everything here displays perfect harmony. Oud Wa Vanillia is a powerful juice, with a strong woody character and strongly amber. One thing is certain, it does not aim to go unnoticed!

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