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Eau de toilette Les Gourmandises de Luna Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci bets everything on gluttony

From then on, these two fragrances were perceived as sort of binoculars, each with a character of its own. However, it seems that the latter have metamorphosed into two versions even sweeter than before. Nina Ricci’s niche fragrances are now called Les Gourmandises de Nina et de Luna. How about discovering the bluish version of this niche fragrance duo in more detail?

Nina Ricci bets everything on gluttony

Les Gourmandises de Luna is a very appetizing fragrance. However, its sweet aspect does not make it too childish or too girly a juice. Les Gourmandises de Luna is indeed the scent of a woman who takes responsibility for herself and who clearly plays on her seductive side. What is more, it is an essence that does not go unnoticed. This one has many similarities with Luna and notably resumes its flavor of caramel as well as that of sandalwood. These two ingredients are present here in the wake of this perfume and float behind it a particularly greedy and very addictive flavor. However, this is counterbalanced by an incisive, fresh and fruity start. Les Gourmandises de Luna takes off on a bitter breath of grapefruit accompanied by the juicy aspect of pear. Her femininity, for her part, shines through in his heart. Indeed, Les Gourmandises de Luna highlights one of the most famous raw materials of female perfumery: peony. This plant brings here more elegance to this perfume. It is served with coconut milk. Thus, this blend gives rise to a feeling of smoothness calling for caress. Les Gourmandises de Luna is a comforting, tender and seductive fragrance at the same time.

The new Des Gourmandises de Luna visual

Nevertheless, a perfume, as good as it is, would be nothing without a bottle at the height of its composition. As always, Les Gourmandises de Luna is curled up in Nina Ricci’s iconic apple-shaped case. It must be said that between the brand and this forbidden fruit it is a long love story. In addition, the apple made its appearance at Nina Ricci in 1952 with the fragrance Fille d’Eve. The bottle of this one had then been developed by the Lalique house. Thus, Les Gourmandises de Luna is presented in a sort of modern reinterpretation of this container. Entirely tinged with blue, Les Gourmandises de Luna gives off an impression of purity and serenity. A multitude of small colored balls decorate the top of his apple. Likewise, turquoise leather lacing adorns its collar. Finally, the whole is surmounted by a stem and silver leaves as a spray cabochon. The Des Gourmandises de Luna visual seems to come straight out of a fairy tale.


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