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Eau de toilette Tome 3 L’Être Zadig & Voltaire

The opulent scent of Being Volume 3

Today, he has decided to reconnect with his first love for reading and he reveals to us an assembly of three fragrances presented as the three volumes of a collection of books. Here, it is more exactly a question of Volume 3 called Being. This fragrance with a floral and woody scent takes us into an adult and charismatic world. He is the opposite of his sidekick La Légèreté Tome 2, as for him much more turned towards the world of adolescence.

The opulent scent of Being Volume 3

The Being Tome 3 by Zadig & amp; Voltaire is a fragrance that is aimed at both men and women. Yet, as surprising as it may seem, it starts off with a floral scent. It contains one of the emblematic flowers of feminine perfumery: the Damask rose. Usually, this raw material is more in the middle notes of perfumes. Here, she opens the scent of this juice to a very contrasting sensation. Indeed, after distillation, its petals deliver us all their richness. They are both honeyed, delicious and fruity. They thus bring a very sunny feeling to this juice. Quickly, its floral scent is counterbalanced by a more woody presence of cashmere. Result of research, this complex synthetic molecule gives this juice an almost tactile elegance. It is silky, enveloping and warm at the same time. Thus, Being Tome 3 becomes as tender as a caress. In addition, the patina of cashmere wood gives very rich tones, just as musky as spicy or vanilla. Finally, this composition ends with a more resinous but equally fragrant scent of labdanum. Its warm and tenacious vibration sublimates this juice with a woody, smoky and animal breath. ends with a more resinous but equally fragrant scent of labdanum. Its warm and tenacious vibration sublimates this juice with a woody, smoky and animal breath. ends with a more resinous but equally fragrant scent of labdanum. Its warm and tenacious vibration sublimates this juice with a woody, smoky and animal breath.

The highly studied but minimalist design of the Zadig & amp; Voltaire bottle

The being Tome 3 is delivered to us in a particularly studied cardboard packaging. In its very minimalist aspect, it actually looks like a book. And for good reason… Thierry Gillier, founder of Zadig & amp; Voltaire, has always been passionate about reading. Moreover, it is precisely from this love for books that the name of this brand comes to us. Initially, Thierry Gillier opened a multi-brand boutique in the 90s, called Zadig. It was only when he made his first collection, in 1996, that he decided to change the name of his company to Zadig & amp; Voltaire. For the little anecdote, know that Voltaire is his favorite author and that “Zadig ou la destin” is one of his favorite books. This time, however, it is rather a question of a dictionary. The Being Tome 3’s cardboard case opens like a book and reveals, on its left-hand page, the definition of the three major ingredients of its composition. Its right page, for its part, contains the bottle of this perfume. Entirely lacquered in white, it is simply decorated with a label similar to the descriptive insert in a dictionary.

Released in 2017, “ Tome 3 L’Etre ”is therefore the third volume of Zadig & amp; Voltaire’s olfactory collection. The brand olfactory library actually contains 3 volumes. After “La Purity” (tome 1), and “L’Esprit Libre” (tome 2), Zadig & amp; Voltaire offer us a final much more powerful tome called “L’Etre”. If volume 3 is still a unisex juice, it nevertheless reveals a much more floral aspect than its predecessors thanks to the presence of the Damask rose. Queen of flowers, the rose is a particularly feminine ingredient imbued with grace and beauty.

Damascus rose, the star of Tome 3, L’Etre

< p> Along with jasmine, the rose is the most widely used flower in perfumery. The Damascus rose, also called “Rose Damanesca” takes its name from the city of Damascus in Syria. In France, it was Robert de Brie who introduced the Damascus rose in 1254, during a return from the Crusades. In the 17th century, the Damanesca rose began to be cultivated in Bulgaria in the Valley of Roses. The Damascus rose has become the emblem of Bulgaria and is celebrated every year for 3 weeks during the “Rose Festival”, which corresponds to the rose harvest period. In the valley of roses, the harvest is always done by hand from 4 a.m. The rose of Damascus has integrated very beautiful fragrances such as “Trésor” by Lancôme, “Love Story” by Chloé, “Live Irresistible” by Givenchy or “Rose The One” by Dolce & amp; Gabbana.

Tome 3 L’Etre, silky and enveloping olfactory notes by Zadig & amp; Voltaire

“Tome3 L’Etre” soars over the notes of Damanesca rose, giving the whole composition femininity, glamor and elegance. Cashmere wood then sublimates this elegance and also brings a masculine touch. Also called “Cashmeran”, cashmere wood is a product made from a synthetic molecule. It was in 1970 that the company IFF (International Flavors & amp; Fragrances) discovered cashmere wood through Dr. John Hall. Cashmere wood, whose molecule is C14H220, is a material that evokes an imaginary wood, soft, lime, woody and enveloping. Today, cashmere wood has found its letters of nobility and incorporates multiple olfactory, oriental, woody or floral compositions. It gives off notes of great sweetness. Finally, the base of “Tome 3 L’Etre” evolves towards enveloping and sensual scents thanks to the presence of labdanum, offering an almost animal resinous trail. The precious nectar is contained in a cardboard case that opens like a dictionary. Entirely lacquered in white, the Tome 3 bottle displays a label on which the name of the perfume is inscribed in an encyclopedic way in black for maximum sobriety.


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