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Kenzo Amour Kenzo Eau de Parfum

Kenzo’s sentimental journey

Each of her scented creations has a very poetic and sensual approach. Each of its juices is a way to make people smile and immerse us in a wonderful story. Also, it is more precisely love that is in question here.

Kenzo’s sentimental journey

Kenzo Amour is a fragrance that appeals to the imagination and invites us on a magical journey lulled with feelings , a journey of love. The journey is that of a couple around the world, a world seen through a loving gaze. Kenzo Amour is built like a succession of images and memories. It appears to us as a feeling of wonder that we observe with wide eyes. He then seems capable of transforming the surrounding world into a true fairy tale. Thanks to it, the clouds turn into petals, the sun rises on the mountain and sets on the sea. Kenzo Amour is a perfume which makes you dream and which invites you to refocus on the essential values ​​of life. After all, what could be more important than getting up every day and thinking that life is worth it? to be lived but above all to be shared? Kenzo Amour thus delivers to us emotions emanating from various cultures and multiple traditions. It is a universal declaration of love sewn with gentleness and evolving with the landscapes.

The contrasting scent of Kenzo Amour

These are two perfumers who jointly created the Kenzo Amour perfume. After all, this one could not be born other than by an exchange… It is the work of Daphné Bugey and Olivier Cresp. Together, they have chosen to develop a unique fragrance based on rice steam. Thus, Kenzo Amour seems to let escape an airy heat enveloped in white tea. In this sense, it is similar to a typical Asian nectar. It is therefore a tribute to the origins of the Kenzo brand. Then, this wink continues in its heart thanks to the presence of cherry blossom, the national emblem of Japan particularly celebrated in spring. This floral accord is enriched with more exotic ylang-ylang. Then, the whole becomes little by little more powdery thanks to the presence of heliotrope. Kenzo Amour nevertheless becomes darker, leaving a cloud of incense floating behind him associated with thanaka wood. Finally, it all ends with a blend of white musk and vanilla. In addition, note that the bottle of Kenzo Amour is just as attractive as its smell. He was imagined in a stylized silhouette similar to that of a moving bird. This is an original way of symbolizing travel. It comes in three different sizes, each of which is associated with a color, either orange, white or fuchsia. This is an original way of symbolizing travel. It comes in three different sizes, each of which is associated with a color, either orange, white or fuchsia. This is an original way of symbolizing travel. It comes in three different sizes, each of which is associated with a color, either orange, white or fuchsia.

The Kenzo house has always liked to offer perfumes such as clothes that know how to combine the best of Asia and Europe. Kenzo Amour, born in 2006, is precisely the olfactory result of this magnificent blend of cultures and raw materials. He tells us through soft and comforting scents the magnificent reminiscence of love journeys …

Daphnée Bugey and Olivier Cresp for a totally exotic Kenzo Amour fragrance

< p> If Kenzo Amour is a beautiful oriental, it is above all a very Asian perfume, very Kenzo in short. Indeed, the house of Kenzo has since its beginnings in perfumery always wanted to mix beautiful and rare Asian olfactory materials with more European and often very modern scents. The magnificent and now bestseller of the Kenzo Homme brand is the most striking and obvious example of this desire for cultural pluralism.

When Daphnée Bugey began choosing the ingredients for the composition of the one who would become Kenzo Love, she was naturally very influenced by this multiethnic current of the Kenzo house. She chose completely new scents such as thanaka wood from Burma, white tea or even rice vapors. It was the great perfumer Olivier Cresp who took charge of orchestrating these beautiful exotic materials to balance them and bring them together in a fragrance that would combine gourmet and flowery lights and warm and smoky shadows. For example, we will say of this Kenzo Amour that “The improbable marriage of this greedy heart and this mystical-looking background make it infinitely more interesting than it might appear at first glance, all the more so for a general public release. »Ambre Gris.

Kenzo Amour is therefore written like the travel diary of a couple of lovers who have gone across the world to discover their most beautiful secrets.

Kenzo Amour or the art of Asian and modern perfume by Kenzo

The pretty Kenzo Amour asserts itself, despite its fully claimed Asian accents, as a perfume of love and lovers, sensuality and sweetness . Thus the different facets of the perfume will play on this contrast between unknown Asian scents and relatively classic sensual accords. An originality and an unprecedented sweetness which were also recognized at the Fifi Awards 2007.

Kenzo Amour opens up first of all to very airy accords very typical of Asian olfactory journeys. Yet the frangipani flower, queen of top notes, could have made us switch to sunny and very summery regions. But the heart of white Chinese tea and Japanese cherry blossom has brought the beautiful flowered lady from paradise beaches to her island of Bali of origin while giving her a new fruity side. The notes of rice vapors bring a greedy color to this heart which will quickly be bathed in the almond and mysterious shade of a heliotrope. The intense depths of white musks will create true cocoons of sweetness in this beautiful Kenzo Amour, which will welcome with kindness the scorching amber woods tinged with vanilla and suffused with incense.

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