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Kenzo Jungle Kenzo Eau de Parfum

Kenzo’s Jungle: Kenzo’s Spicy Elephant …

Racy, Jungle opens up new fragrant and dreamlike perspectives by offering a half-manga, half-fantastic universe at the cutting edge of image technologies. Jungle, like its advertisement for the thousand golden elephants, really did not go unnoticed!

Kenzo, the magic of metamorphosis and the cyber environment for Jungle

After the departure of the founding father of the house Kenzo Takada and a slight breathlessness of the brand offbeat and Japanese fashion in the 90s, Kenzo is renewing itself by still offering a highly poetic universe but by modernizing it with a few magical images and other metamorphoses. . The concept brand is therefore “more centered around magic, transformation” 1 and the beautiful Jungle fragrance will be one of the pillars of this transformation.
Jungle is not worn by any muse except a beautiful Asian with the allure of a manga or fantasy tale heroine. As for the Jungle commercial, it uses all the best techniques of virtual images to offer us a spooky jungle environment where golden elephants run around the young Jungle woman. From there to seeing a gentle allegory of our modern urban world, of our urban jungle, there is only one step… which will be taken later with the urban and quirky environment of Flower by Kenzo in 2000.

Jungle a “spicy floral with character” by Kenzo

The beautiful Jungle elephant has spared absolutely no detail to assume its difference, its square and opulent bottle is the proof. In addition, the cabochon sculpture of the elephant affirms the undeniable presence of this powerful juice signed by the great Dominique Ropion.

“For KENZO the king of the jungle is not the lion, but the elephant. With his head up to the sky, he walks his beautiful omen in a dream nature. »Kenzo for Jungle.
As soon as we enter this beautiful spicy from another region, the mandarin grabs us with its tangy and tonic freshness. Then the heart of the fragrance takes us directly to the heart of Jungle, sorry the jungle, intoxicating us with powerful spices of cardamom, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. The flowery notes of ylang-ylang and heliotrope punctuated by a syrupy plum and a juicy mango add with delight to this blend of explosive spices. Rosewood plays with its blond and flowery facets to complete the depiction of this lush olfactory landscape. The depths of patchouli and vanilla enhanced with a sprig of liquorice plunge the Jungle woman into a bath of exotic and vegetal sensuality.

Often compared to the great perfumes that marked the 80s such as Poison or Opium for its obvious charisma and its fully assumed opulence, the beautiful Jungle has conquered the hearts of women by offering them a niche fragrance playing between flower and spice for better surprise them. Jungle offers those who want it the pleasure of a “Journey to the heart of an imaginary world.” A luxuriant and whimsical nature, saturated with colors, vibrating to the rhythm of a warm spicy light. »Kenzo for Jungle.

Kenzo Homme or It smells beautiful offered us European and Asian scents of incredible floral beauty. Kenzo will suddenly change direction to offer us in 1996, under the waves of the two geniuses of perfumery, Dominique Ropion and Jean-Louis Sieuzac, an opulent Kenzo Jungle Elephant burning with torrid scents. His presence stands out, his aura is unique Kenzo Jungle Elephant is still one of those scented “UFOs” which leave an indelible, elephantine, one should rather say, of their passage.

Kenzo Jungle or the explosive encounter between two “heavyweights” in perfumery

Fate made them meet several times in the same life, Jean Louis Sieuzac and Dominique Ropion were made to compose a perfume together phenomenal, a surprising and opulent fragrance which would be the symbol of the union of these two masters of perfumery. This perfume will be called Kenzo Jungle.

Indeed, Dominique Ropion already knew Jean-Louis Sieuzac by having worked for him. While still a young perfumer, Jean-Louis Sieuzac, on the other hand, was already recognized around the world for his powerful creations, with overflowing originality such as Coriander, Opium and even Fahrenheit. A few years later, they both worked in the same perfume company and finally, the master will compose with the student who has become a talent for creation, the beautiful and unspeakable Kenzo Jungle Elephant.

Kenzo Jungle Elephant does not try to resemble other perfumes in any way, it breaks codes, walks on purified juices and opens the doors to a living nature and animality, so much so that we could imagine them at our side or at least in a cyber-nature so close to the world of Kenzo.

Spice and cashmeran bath for a burning Kenzo Jungle

Dominique Ropion admits with delight to have for the first time daring in Kenzo Jungle Elephant to play on the overdose of cashmeran, a raw material that he particularly likes for its strength and its animality which plays with the barriers between female and male perfume.

“There is fantastic materials. I have always loved cashmeran which I used in very large quantities from Jungle Elephant elsewhere. It was the first time that I had put a lot of it in a perfume. And I think cashmeran is fantastic. “& Nbsp; Dominique Ropion.

Moreover, Kenzo Jungle Elephant does not seek to pose gender barriers and is intended for both a female audience and a male audience, as long as one wishes the tame! This majestic elephant lets us believe, however, that it can be docile with notes of fresh tangerine heads. But quickly the heart will unveil itself in a cocktail of wild and spicy scents at will. However heliotrope, cloves and mango will combine with these colorful spices to offer their sweet and delicate notes. Then “the fragrant wild animal” is fully revealed by taking us in its footsteps to ultra powerful depths of cashmeran of course, but also of patchouli and vanilla, delicacies that once again counterbalance the wild strength of this monument of perfumery. .

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