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Limanakia Eau de Parfum 27 General Perfumery

The voyage of Parfumerie Générale

Today, perfumers do not hesitate to survey the globe in search of the most beautiful raw materials. They then integrate them into their fragrances so as to make us travel with a simple breath. Also, this is precisely what Parfumerie Générale did for the development of its brand niche fragrance called Limanakia.

The voyage of Parfumerie Générale

The Limanakia perfume was developed by the nose Pierre Guillaume. So, to make this one, this perfumer hoisted the mainsail and headed towards the Aegean Sea. It was in Greece, and more particularly near Athens, that the inspiration for this juice came to him. Limanakia immerses us in the heart of the Aegean Sea, on the rocky and steep beaches of the island of Limanakia. Today, in terms of tourism, these are rather famous for their nudist or gay meeting places. Nevertheless, beyond this aspect, they are also famous for their absolutely splendid seascapes and minerals. In addition, Limanakia offers its walkers magnificent little coves with turquoise water. The rock plunges directly into the sea and the latter offers immense diversity. So snorkeling, understand diving with fins and snorkel, is very often practiced there. It is therefore precisely this picturesque setting that Pierre Guillaume wanted to offer us. Limanakia is a juice that evokes “the animality of the skin mixed with the scent of cistus and the mineral scent of sea winds caressing the burning rocks.”

The contrasting scent of Limanakia

Limanakia Island presents a landscape that is both harmonious and diverse. Also, to portray this table in an olfactory way amounts to conjugating opposites. Limanakia begins with a scent of mugwort. The latter is obtained by steam distillation of several varieties of artemisia, a plant typical of the Mediterranean basin and growing in the wild. This is known for its lingering and aromatic scent. It is then relayed in its heart by a more floral elegance. Thus, Limanakia combines jasmine, lily of the valley and tiare flower. The rendering is rich, light and exotic at the same time. However, black pepper counterbalances this apparent sweetness to give it more character. What’s more, it sets the stage for a very spicy trail. This is particularly dominated by the presence of cumin and cinnamon. Immortelle then gives the whole a more syrupy temperament while labdanum and patchouli give it more character and structure. In general, it is a sustained and sensual fragrance. Like the beaches of Limanakia, this one seems conducive to hugs.

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