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Pi Givenchy Eau de Toilette

Pi, the scent of a conquering man

After having received numerous awards, Hubert de Givenchy left the fashion house in 1995. It was he who created the first perfume of the brand “l’Indit” following his meeting with Audrey Hepburn. In 1998, Givenchy unveiled a masculine fragrance with the particularly incredible name “Pi”, an oriental-woody fragrance.

Pi, geometry at the heart of a perfume

What we can say about “Pi” is that its origin is very remote. Pi is a number used to calculate the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The number Pi is irrational, this means that it cannot be expressed as a ratio of two integers. Beyond mathematics, Givenchy created a perfume “Pi”. The latter evokes the eternal masculine, a refuge of the masculine imagination. “Pi” is an olfactory allegory of progress on the move, of space and time. With “Pi”, the thirst for knowledge is at its peak and man can then think that anything is possible. “Pi” is the scent of a conquering man, of a genius in search of eternal knowledge. “Pi” could have been the perfume of Albert Einstein or of Christopher Columbus.

The geometric notes of Pi

To reveal the scientific and imaginary world, the creation of “Pi” was entrusted to Alberto Morillas who invented a generous fragrance. “Pi” opens with extremely fresh notes like tangerine, as well as a powerful aromatic accord with tarragon, basil and rosemary. The heart has a flowery side with lily of the valley, geranium and neroli flower. These are associated with pine needles. The base is warm, intense, warm with the presence of benzoin, vanilla, tonka bean. Then, guaiac wood, also called ironwood, offers its woody, intense and suave trail. To give a gourmet and sweet touch to the composition, a touch of brown sugar and bitter almond have been added. “Pi” then becomes an addictive and magnetic fragrance, the taste of which would resemble gingerbread. As for the bottle, it is signed Serge Mansau. In the shape of a pyramid, it is inspired by Egyptian art like the perfume “Organza”. The graphics are powerful and timeless. The “Pi” sign is embedded in the glass, as if it had been worked by hand. The bronze metal stopper looks like an antique jewel and brings a final touch of infinite elegance.

The advertising slogan for the Pi perfume, “A little further than infinity”, transports us to the third millennium. If “Pi” is an original and unique perfume name, it nonetheless reflects seduction, time, science, progress, intuition… The Givenchy man is portrayed here as a great conqueror.

To mark the entry into the new millennium, Givenchy wanted to offer an even more original masculine fragrance than usual with Pi, released in 1999. By asking Alberto Morillas and Jacques Cavallier to work on the composition of this Pi d ‘adventurer of new times, the Givenchy house obtained a perfume that lived up to all their expectations. Pi signs the wake of the new conquerors who enjoy navigating between virile freshness, a floral note and sensual warmth.

The adventurer of the new millennium of Pi designed by Alberto Morillas and Jacques Cavallier

The Givenchy house has specialized, since its very beginnings in perfumery, in the creation of original and timeless fragrances for men. Monsieur and Eau de Vétiver thus left their modern and unprecedented imprint in the perfumery of the 1960s, which was hardly original in terms of men’s fragrances if only in the variations of colognes. Each new Givenchy perfume for men will therefore be constructed in such a way as to always surprise them, to always bring something new in tune with the times.

Pi, released in 1999, therefore seems to be completely legitimate in this line of sophisticated and elegant fragrances. Composed by two perfumers, two talents of Firmenich, Alberto Morillas and Jacques Cavallier, Pi will play with its contrasts between heat and freezing cold to better exhale its flowers. It is also true that the two men, used to working together on numerous and famous compositions such as Bulgari pour Homme or Acqua di Gio, know how to perfectly match their talents and their favorite raw materials to make them exceptional fragrances and if possible. , unpublished.

Because Pi has a taste for adventure, a taste for scientific research or absolute modernity. It wants to be ahead of its time and totally immersed in the new millennium.

“Pi is a fragrance dedicated to adventurers discovering new territories, explorers of infinity and thrills. The Pi man is a pioneer. »Givenchy for Pi.

Pi or the meeting between virile freshness and the sensual sophistication of Givenchy infinium

For Pi, the two perfumers who are partners of the Givenchy house knew how not only to highlight their unconditional love of fresh scents but also to create a new, totally innovative accord: infinium. The Infinium actually represents the meeting of rather feminine floral notes and nervous and aniseed notes, an energetic and sophisticated accord that turns everything upside down in its path.

Pi de Givenchy opens up completely. first on a fresh and invigorating aromatic citrus opening built around notes of rosemary, basil, tarragon and tangerine. Then in the heart we finally meet the famous Infinium which actually consists of notes of lily of the valley and neroli for its delicate facet and of geranium and anise for its nervous and powerful facet. Finally, the man so adventurous from Pi will come to bathe in gourmet depths of benzoin, vanilla and tonka bean. Cedarwood, symbolized in what Givenchy calls “ironwood” will bring its fresh nervousness to these burning depths.

“Magnetic fragrance inviting exploration and discovery, Pi pushes man to venture into new territories. »Givenchy for Pi.


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