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Pure XS Paco Rabanne Eau de Toilette

Pure XS by Paco Rabanne, a perfume where eroticism and excess become one

After a colossal success, these were followed, in 2012, by Black XS L’Excès. However, it would seem that it is precisely on this excess that the Paco Rabanne house has decided to focus. The brand unveils its brand new juice called Pure XS, a concentrate of heat and eroticism.

The eroticism of Pure XS

With this niche fragrance, the house of Paco Rabanne clearly intends to raise the temperature to notch! The brand seems to want to establish a clear link between the word “Pure XS” and “Pure Excess”. More than ever, Paco Rabanne plays on the similarity between these expressions to create a carnal and erotic atmosphere. After all, the words “sex” and “excess” are almost acronyms… Pure XS embodies “excess in its purest form. It overheats the skin. Without being oriental, it plays on a hot-cold, raw and decadent contrast. It is pure sex ”. This composition is then accompanied by a publicity, to say the least, explicit. A young man with a naked torso enters the scene on the track “Carmen”. Believing himself to be in the privacy of his bathroom, he parades in front of the mirror. However, many female eyes observe her through paintings and tinted mirrors. More and more women are flocking to watch this tempting spectacle. He ends up unbuttoning his pants and finally grabs his bottle of Pure XS. He sprinkles it all over the body … Really the whole body … It is too much for these admiring groupies who immediately succumb to a collective discomfort!

The new look of the Pure XS perfume by Paco Rabanne

On the aesthetic side, Pure XS by Paco Rabanne is delivered to us in a faceted bottle, transparent at its base and opaque black at its top. The whole thing also goes through a typically masculine blue shade. The name of Pure XS, meanwhile, is displayed on its front in a golden color. The whole is both very elegant without lacking in virility. Recipe side, the entire composition of Pure XS has not been revealed. Ginger is placed at the center of this composition, which says a lot about the aphrodisiac side of this perfume. It delivers here a spicy, peppery and even slightly soapy scent. The complexity of this ingredient is softened by the warm appearance of myrrh. This ancient resin cultivated in Africa brings here a more humid and sweet flavor. It lets float in its wake a taste close to that of licorice or anise. Vanilla also wraps it all up with a sweet and sensual sensation. Finally, woody notes join the whole to underline the virility of this particularly carnal and masculine juice.

For many years, the Paco Rabanne perfume house has had fun creating perfumes that play on our fantasies and our dreams of greatness. Pure XS, a pretty variation of XS, will not detract from this love of excess, on the contrary, it loudly affirms its desire to be an aphrodisiac perfume. Pure XS is an explosion of hot and cold that will not go unnoticed in the fragrant year 2017, that’s for sure! < / p>

Pure XS or the perfumed fantasy signed Anne Flipo, Caroline Dumur and Bruno Jovanovic

When Paco Rabanne asks IFF perfumers to compose a masculine juice for him that “olfactively conveys the sensation of skin that shivers with desire and burns with pleasure”. The least we can say is that the three IFF perfumers in charge of the Pure XS development project did not skimp on the erotic dose of the perfume.

Indeed it it took no less than three talented designers to compose this majestic ode to assertive sexuality: Anne Flipo, Caroline Dumur and Bruno Jovanovic. Anne Flipo and Caroline Dumur have already worked together on Lolita Lempicka’s opulent So Sweet and know how to match their common tastes for unusual materials and overdoses of original materials.

Besides, Anne Flipo is particularly present in many large bottles that have revolutionized modern perfumery such as Angel, Manifesto, Love Story, not to mention the current great bestseller La Vie est Belle. For Paco Rabanne the designer has already composed One million and Lady million as well as the couple Invictus-Olympea. This is to say if the lady is qualified to offer Paco Rabanne her perfume of excess and sulphurous eroticism!

Pure XS will therefore present itself in a most sensual male juice, if it is isn’t even erotic. It will play with its beautiful contrasts to even better create the surprise …

The beauty of opposites in a Pure XS fragrance disarming sensualities

Pure XS is a scent of shivers, a thrill first frozen then an incendiary thrill, sometimes even both at the same time! Paco Rabanne does not hesitate to use a rather daring metaphor, describing Pure XS as “vibrant and magnetic crossed by a constant back and forth between cold and hot, soft and intense”.

On the freshness side, the fragrance opens with an explosive blend built between a sweet and icy ginger and a note of aromatic thyme with high potency.
It is at the heart that human skin irresistible Pure XS will ignite the vanilla-cinnamon accord which will bring its roundness and its greedy and spicy opulence to very masculine notes of leather and liquor.

Finally, the cedar will perfume the warm and mysterious cloud of myrrh tinged with some sugars with a freshness and woody nervousness.

It seems that Paco Rabanne no longer hesitates for a single second to dive into the most be autiful olfactory excesses with Pure XS. And he proudly claims it, describing him as “a fresh-searing oriental, downright indecent.” Excess in its purest form. ”


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