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Rochas Man Rochas Eau de Toilette

Rochas Man Modernities and delicacies for a man

Riding on the androgynous trend of the new man, Rochas Man created by the great perfumer Maurice Roucel, does not hesitate to upset the codes by offering invigorating delicacies to a masculine scent. Between manly elegance and sweet notes, Rochas Man cannot go unnoticed!

Rochas Man or the strength of opposites

The Rochas house has never hesitated at all times to offer both in haute-couture creations and in its perfumes of very brilliant modernities. Until now, however, the inventiveness of Marcel Rochas or “Madame” Rochas has mainly focused on women by offering them juices breaking with the codes of perfumery such as Femme, Madame Rochas or even Eau de Rochas. Men could have been satisfied with their magnificent Eau de Rochas Homme but it was without counting on the genius of the noses and creators of this venerable house …

Rochas Man was born from the talents of the fabulous Marcel Roussel in 1999. A true cocktail of the man of the future, Rochas Man exudes everything that the man of the new millennium seeks to be: tender but virile, joyful but deep, seductive but in love… Ode to the masculine contrasts of the current era, Rochas Man exudes the strength of typically masculine opposites.

As a result, Rochas Man’s advertising does not hesitate to play flashbacks and stills to give birth to this perfume which belongs as much to the past, as to the present and to the future. Rochas Man would therefore be the perfume of a man free from his masculinity.

“A juice designed and worn by the trendsetters of the time, freed before the hour from the constraints of first degree virility. »Rochas Man by Interparfums for Rochas.

Rochas Man: a gourmet fragrance for men by Rochas

The Rochas Man bottle, just like its composition, is elegantly futuristic and a complete break with the classics to which the Rochas house had accustomed us. Wanting to refer to the ogive shape of Barcelona’s Agbar tower, Rochas Man’s frosted glass rests on a very masculine metal stopper. Almost conceived as an object of contemporary art, the Rochas Man bottle innovates and detonates …

The top notes of Rochas Man are built from a fresh and dynamic bergamot punctuated by a powerful lavender, which makes this pretty fragrance rather classic at first glance… Patience! Indeed, it is the heart notes that will take us into a flowery and gourmet universe totally new for a male perfume. Between the delicate notes of jasmine and lily of the valley we discover with pleasure sweet treats of raspberry and cappuccino. A few Virginia cedars bring us back to virile woody strength and its mysteries. Mysteries that will envelop themselves in a totally sensual and addictive trail of patchouli, sandalwood, amber and some happy vanilla.

“Rochas Man is causing trouble. On the one hand, lavender, on the other, coffee, it is between these two olfactory poles that the perfume plays its contrasting score. A gourmet trail from a fern coated with jasmine and milky sandalwood, it is savored on the skin, with the whipped lightness of a sensual vanilla cream. »Rochas for Rochas Man.

From its beginnings in perfumery with Femme in 1944, Rochas knew how to compose in its perfumes odes to joy, to happiness. A positive spirit but also a taste for the original which will be found in both the feminine and masculine scented creations which will always be released with great success. For Rochas Man, the house will bet on a unique and innovative composition by the great perfumer Marcel Roucel, for the first time in 1999 we dared to create a gourmet masculine fragrance!

Rochas Man or the gourmet masculine fragrance by Maurice Roucel

Since Femme, Madame Rochas or of course the famous Eau de Rochas, the Rochas perfume house has carved out a place for itself in a joyful and very feminine that floods with joyful and luminous chords. With regard to men’s perfumery, Mustache, Monsieur Rochas, Macassar or Globe play with traditional agreements to be particularly original and innovative. And the least that we can say is that Rochas Man will not upset the order of these new masculine fragrances!

Indeed Rochas Man was designed not to be a masculine perfume for classic man, although, at first glance, his aromatic accords might have made it seem so. A disastrous mistake! Because Rochas Man was composed by a perfumer, Maurice Roucel, who likes to surprise us and who likes to compose perfumes that are out of the ordinary and out of all commercial criteria to be defined by emotions, unique olfactory sensations. Rochas Man will be the fruit of this search for something new.

“Do I have a style? I don’t feel like I have any! I am what I feel. When I am in the office, in the laboratory, it is the perfume itself that drives me, which only asks to evolve, to magnify itself. I let myself be guided by the scents, and that requires a certain letting go. “& Nbsp; tells Maurice Roucel to Au Parfum about his creation process.

When lavender meets coffee, the Rochas Man fragrance is born

As Maurice Roucel likes to reveal, he loves compose perfumes that are unlike any other. Rochas Man will be particularly one of them because, for the first time, he will marry unique aromatic accords with flowery and solar accords to best sink them into virile coffee delicacies… Rochas Man plays with opposites and notes feminine to be even more masculine, the beauty of paradoxes is in order!

Thus the departure of Rochas Man is rather reassuring and classic thanks to the aromatic freshness of lavender and bergamot. But in the heart we are transported in a bath of light flowered with jasmine which brings sophistication and thanks to this handsome masculine. But Rochas Man will not linger long in these flowers and will quickly find a beautiful virility thanks to the nervous cedar and the powerful coffee which will come to subjugate us with a greedy and light sweetness like a cloud of milk.

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