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Serge Lutens Lemon Blossoms Eau de Parfum

Lemon blossom: The citrus blossom becomes musk and honey …

First of all, Fleur d’Oranger, then Fleur de Citronnier in 2004, offer us suave and original reinterpretations of summer water. Be careful, however, not to expect a Cologne citrus, master Lutens hates them!

Fleur de Citronnier is not Orange Blossom, let’s face it!

Fleur d’Oranger was created by the famous Lutens-Sheldrake duo in 1995 and allowed a conquered clientele to discover this pretty flower in its most fleshy and opulent aspect. For Fleur de Citronnier, released in 2004, the succession was difficult. Suffering from the success of Fleur d’Oranger, Fleur de Citronnier was very often confused with him, whereas at the bottom the facets of orange blossom are worked in a very different way between the two scents.

A confusion so important that Fleur de Citronnier was withdrawn from sale in 2013 to let only its venerable ancestor live on the shelves of perfumeries. Despite everything, after having been claimed by its followers, the sweet musky Fleur de Citronnier returned a few months later with a more neutral visual (too sober?) Where the lemon blossoms had disappeared in favor of the stretched lines typical of the Lutens house.

Anyway, the pretty Fleur de Citronnier is now definitely here for the best or… the best of summer! To be sure of its notable differences from Fleur d’Oranger, you just have to try it!

When Fleur de Citronnier creates a lot… except citrus!

If we are to believe all the summer perfumes released simultaneously with this pretty Fleur de Citronnier, we would be entitled to expect a powerful, light and fresh citrus flight… Watching the bottle shine with its beautiful yellow juice, nothing is less certain! But would we have forgotten that Serge Lutens hates citrus juices? The olfactory journey he offers us with Fleur de Citronnier will be even more exotic!

The top notes of lemon blossom are very floral, scented with a spicy sweetness of nutmeg while being enveloped by the spicy and energizing freshness of the petit grain. Then the iridescent heart develops around a gourmet and reassuring accord of neroli flower-honey powdered with tuberose. By adding iris to the trail, the powdery heart facet becomes musk by developing sensual, graceful and luminous depths.

“If they light up during the day, the evening sets them on fire. From all the citrus family, from the orange tree to the mandarin tree, without forgetting the large grapefruit, the lemon tree and more particularly its flower, restores the enchanted freshness. Serge Lutens for Fleur de Citronnier.

If Fleur de Citronnier exudes lemon, it is nonetheless a brilliant luminous juice that offers a new interpretation, softer than before, of orange blossom. This would explain the confusion reigning between the two perfumes of Serge Lutens. This citrus blossom there, this Lemon Blossom, offers us a juice with subdued light and proven tranquility like an evening flower.


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