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Valentino Donna Acqua Valentino Eau de Toilette

Valentino Donna Acqua combines the elegance of flowers with the sweetness of almonds

Thus, in the perfect lineage of all Valentino creations, the Valentino Donna perfume was born in 2015 . A sort of DNA fragment of his brand, it has become one of the most elegant and popular perfumes of our time. Building on this success, the Italian brand has therefore not hesitated to reinterpret it in a brand new, more aerial version called Valentino Donna Acqua.

Valentino Donna Acqua combines the elegance of flowers with the sweetness of almonds

Because a designer worthy of the name often does not like to abandon her creations in favor of other perfumers, it is once again on Sonia Constant that the brand Valentino has set its sights on making Valentino Donna Acqua. Indeed, she is already the creator of the previous Valentino Donna. A graduate of the prestigious ISIPCA perfume school in Versailles, she draws her inspiration from her travels and encounters. Here, the least we can say is that she has managed to keep the Italian soul of Valentino while imposing a certain sweetness on it. Valentino Donna Acqua knew how to preserve the DNA of his predecessor. Indeed, it is always a luminous and insanely sensual essence. The nobility of its rose and its iris of yesteryear have this time given way to more gluttony. Thus, Valentino Donna Acqua takes off on a sweet and fruity blend of almond and pear. Flowers come to illuminate his heart. Thus, jasmine brings it opulent richness while the frangipani flower gives us here a timeless floral facet. Its solar aspect is then relayed by the balsamic and almond aspect and hawthorn. This plant is finally coated in sandalwood for an extreme feeling of tenderness.

Valentino’s resolutely chic and Italian bottle

On the aesthetic side, there too, the bottle of Valentino Donna Acqua is not diametrically opposed to that of its elder. He is simply more elongated and paler than before. Indeed, its transparent glass plays on the light to reveal a more powdery color but still just as feminine. At the border between past and present, Valentino Donna Acqua’s case clearly plays with its timelessness. Its shape is very elegant. Its surface, for its part, is astonishing. It is entirely faceted with prisms. This shape was chosen by the house of Valentino to evoke the freestone of Italian palaces. A plaque bearing the name of this new perfume embellishes the visual of this bottle in its center. The golden color of it perfectly echoes that of its spray pump. This perfume is only


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