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Azzaro Eau de Toilette for Men Naughty Leather Azzaro

Azzaro accentuates the leather side of its fragrance for men

Thought in his image, Azzaro pour Homme was created in 1978. Very masculine, virile and Mediterranean , it has been reinterpreted many times since then. He became Azzaro pour Homme in 1993, Azzaro pour Homme Elixir in 2009, Azzaro pour Homme L’Eau in 2011, Azzaro pour Homme Night Time in 2012, Azzaro pour Homme Intense, and finally Azzaro pour Homme Edition Noire in 2017. Today, as if to celebrate its 40 years of existence, it gives us yet another new face. Focus on Azzaro pour Homme Naughty Leather, its 2018 edition.

Azzaro pour Homme Naughty Leather, a carnal seduction

Azzaro pour Homme Naughty Leather is a unique fragrance but uses the same philosophy as its predecessors. Its goal? Address all the seductive and virile men of our time. With him, everything is mystery and sensuality. It leaves behind an intriguing scent that leaves no one indifferent. Azzaro pour Homme Naughty Leather is the scent of a man who will never be forgotten. Intrepid, elusive, intense and 100% masculine, it does not lack refinement and elegance. In other words, Azzaro pour Homme Naughty Leather is the perfect expression of Loris Azzaro himself. It leaves an indelible imprint in the memory. Perfectly anchored in the spirit of the times, it has just the right amount of modernity and sparkle.

Azzaro pour Homme Naughty Leather, the scent of an animal body to body

From an olfactory point of view, this is characterized by a very seductive and wild scent. Azzaro pour Homme Naughty Leather is a vibrant and carnal essence. This scent is similar to an animal body to body and almost erotic. Racy and irresistible, Azzaro pour Homme Naughty Leather starts off with an accord of davana, an aromatic plant from southern India known for its woody and very persistent connotations. Then, leather comes into play. Resting on a background of Haitian vetiver and cedar wood, it does not lack mystery and reveals to us a fiery and dark animality at the same time. Vanilla also sublimates the whole. Offered in its raw state, it deploys here a languid and slightly powdery sweetness. The result is a masculine scent belonging to the fern family,

When Azzaro dyes his bottle an intense blue

In terms of the bottle, Azzaro pour Homme Naughty Leather takes up the aesthetics of the very first Azzaro pour Homme from 1978. Its shape remains unchanged and adapts perfectly to male gestures. Its imposing matte black cap is still in the game. On the other hand, its amber hue has disappeared in favor of an intense and intriguing midnight blue gradient. Azzaro pour Homme Naughty Leather has a very contemporary and raw design. It gains in depth and this time draws us the reflection of a carnal desire.


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