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Calvin Klein Obsessed for Men Intense Eau de Parfum

The masculine scent Obsessed Men Intense by Calvin Klein

A year later, this juice was available in a male version: Obsession For Men. As men have always been driven by their passions, whether for their work or their love, Calvin Klein decided to make a scent that exalts this flame and this determination. Today, the brand is aimed at a new generation but the message has remained the same. Obsessed For Men Intense is a vibrant scent of intensity that follows on from the previous Obsessed For Men of 2017.

The androgyny of Calvin Klein

Obsessed For Men Intense is a surprising juice, both sensual and intense but not hesitating to mix genres. Indeed, Calvin Klein has now advocated androgyny for several years. Since the creation of CK One in the 90s, Calvin Klein has made a habit of decompartmentalizing the feminine and masculine gender. Thus, the classic fougère of perfumes for men does not hesitate to invite itself in the feminine essences of Calvin Klein. Here, it’s a sweet and seductive vanilla that is the main ingredient in Obsessed For Men Intense. If this fragrance is full of virility, it is nonetheless seductive and tender, which only amplifies its charm.

Obsessed For Men Intense, an infusion of vanilla and black amber

To go into the details of the composition of Obsessed For Men Intense, know that this is a particularly contrasting juice. It all starts with a fresh and fruity combination of grapefruit and rhubarb. This initial liveliness is counterbalanced by the incandescent heat of Sichuan pepper. From the outset, Obsessed For Men Intense appears to be a fragrance that does not lack temperament! Then, it is structured with cedar leaves and envelops itself in the softness of cashmere. Its base then gradually becomes more amber and comforting. Obsessed For Men Intense ends with a combination of black vanilla, amber, gurjan balm and guaiac wood.

Obsessed For Men Intense and its rounded perfume bottle

Echoing the generosity of its scent, the bottle of Obsessed For Men Intense is full of curves. This design has its origins in the 80s. In fact, in 1985, Calvin Klein asked the designer Pierre Dinand to imagine a bottle with “curves evocative of sensuality”. The shape of the Obsession For Men box from 1986 is exactly the same as we have today. It is a glass flask whose curves evoke the initial of the name of this species. The handling of this perfume is immediate and its robustness undoubtedly confirms its belonging to the male wardrobe. Its cap is also rounded. The previous Obsessed For Men eau de toilette from 2017 was completely transparent to echo the freshness of its juice. This time, as it comes to

For Calvin Klein, a famous haute couture house, perfumery can only be the magnificent reflection of its audacity. A daring that can be seen from his first steps with Obsession and then throughout the perfumed outings of the house which each in turn offered great olfactory upheavals. Obsessed and Obsessed For Men presented themselves in 2017 as the worthy heirs of Obsession but also of this tradition of non-conformism so dear to Calvin Klein. By wanting to embark on the creation of an intense version of these two already cult juices, it was difficult to imagine the handsome masculine Obsessed Intense for Men other than definitely original …

Obsessed Intense For Men or the power of a Calvin Klein juice that dares to mix genres

The house of Calvin Klein n he is not done coming to shake up the codes of classic perfumery for our greatest pleasure! With their very first perfumes Obsession and Obsession For Men, she displayed a daring sensuality and a mixture of new genres, with CK One the perfume became unisex, with Obsessed and Obsessed For Men, worthy heirs of Obsession, we mixed genres and eras the better to amaze us. When Calvin Klein presents an intense version of Obsessed For Men in 2017, what then can we expect as a new surprise?

Obsessed Intense For Men will play on the magnificent contrasts of the original Obsessed juice to make them even more. more obvious and even more daring. Thus the freshness will be accentuated by a touch of rhubarb and the heart as well as the depths will be played with the most burning woody and oriental notes while adding vanilla notes to the ultimate gluttony which bring a touch of femininity to the whole. / p>

Even more radically than Obsessed For Men, Obsessed Intense For Men mixes and upsets all the rules of perfumery to better carry us away in its totally irresistible olfactory madness.

When vanilla blends virile she curls up for Obsessed Intense For Men in striking contrasts

Calvin Klein had warned us, Obsessed For Men like Obsessed Intense For Men could not exist without a mixture between the past chords of the brilliant Obsession and a pretty modernity which will take shape as androgynous. For this intense version, vanilla no longer hesitates to assert itself as ambivalent and polymorphic by mixing with virile or even animal notes totally unheard of in male perfumery.

Obsessed Intense For Men thus preserves the beauty of the intense freshness of its predecessor while displaying alongside citrus and Szechuan pepper a nice note of green and slightly fruity rhubarb which contrasts with the virility of the peppery citrus notes. At the heart, the cedar is surrounded for this opus of cypriol and cashmere wood to make itself even more warm and mysterious. Finally, the black vanilla is coated with amber, Gurjum balm and guaiac wood in order to make us plunge into syrupy depths both sweet and animal.

“Totally detached from traditional feminine perfumes and of the usual structure of masculine fragrances, the niche fragrance Obsession knows no rules. »Calvin Klein for Obsessed Intense For Men.


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