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Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Eau de Toilette

Male madness by Calvin Klein

The first collections of Calvin Klein are great successes. Minimalist but elegant, they win after victory. Because perfumes are for him inseparable from fashion, Calvin Klein embarked on a line of perfumery in 1981. One year after “Obsession Femme”, that is to say in 1986, Calvin Klein introduced his male counterpart “Obsession for Men”.

Male madness by Calvin Klein

The first advertising clip for the perfume “Obsession” showed Kate Moss, the very famous and no less beautiful model. In this clip, she said “Between love and madness, there is obsession”. The man “Obsession” is therefore on the verge of madness, invaded by passion which he cannot get rid of. “Obsession for Men” exalts this passion. “Obsession” has a touch of provocation which is, it must be said, its success. Communication “sex” as well as the visual aspect of the 80s are booming and Calvin Klein is laying its foundations. The “Obsession” man is not only charming and charismatic, he uses all his physical attraction and does not care to be provocative. Like its female counterpart, “Obsession for Men” is a very powerful and sensual fragrance that goes off the beaten track.

The originality of the composition “Obsession for Men”

The success of “Obsession for Men” lies in a particularly exceptional composition. “Obsession for Men” opens with ultra sparkling citrus notes such as mandarin, lemon, grapefruit and bergamot. These are associated with green notes as well as lavender, coriander, cinnamon and nutmeg, which forms a heart that is at once flowery, aromatic and spicy. The base is more sensual and enveloping thanks to the presence of patchouli, sandalwood, benzoin, vanilla and vetiver. As for the bottle, it is also carnal, like its female counterpart. The idea was to give it the curves evocative of sensuality. Signed Pierre Dinand,

An exceptional original composition, “Obsession for Men” is a carnal juice, between madness and love. Like the Calvin Klein woman, the man uses and abuses his charm. Sensual, but also sexual, the clips are slightly provocative, just like the couturier’s style. Original composition, sensual bottle, seductive man, everything has been done so that you cannot resist temptation.

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