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Christian Dior Delicious Bean Eau de Parfum

Fève Délicieuse, a lovely gourmet fragrance signed by Dior

By creating the collection of fragrances La Collection Privée, François Demachy celebrates the memory of the much loved founder through bottles that pay tribute to the passions and tastes of the great man. Fève Délicieuse, released in 2015, celebrates in its own way the extreme greediness of the deceased creator by daring to offer a Dior delicacy that can be enjoyed with full nostrils …

The delicacies of Christian Dior can be drawn in perfume by Fève Délicieuse

Christian Dior was an esthete who enjoyed both contemplating the magnificent landscapes of the Colle Noire and sharing succulent meals with his friends who had come for the weekend, in particular great pastries. François Demachy, faithful to the values ​​of his house, offered in memory of Christian Dior a perfume to taste between delicious bitterness and succulent chocolate heat: Bean Délicieuse.

Fève Délicieuse will therefore be a gourmet fragrance but also and above all a gourmet fragrance that goes much further than the traditional sweet juices of its time by revealing a tonka bean that will sublimate in contact with other ingredients. A luxury tonka bean that the perfumer will find as far as Venezuela to work it in Fève Délicieuse.

“A tonka bean, yes, but not just any one: when François Demachy, the Perfumer-Creator of Dior , embarks on a reinterpretation of this emblematic ingredient, it is first of all by choosing a very particular variety with accents of caramel, praline and hay, straight from Venezuela. Vogue for Fève Délicieuse, Dior.

Dior Fève Délicieuse or the discovery of all the faces of the tonka bean from Venezuela

Fève Délicieuse is a fragrant tribute to the gastronomic choices that Christian Dior made throughout his life. It is of course an ode to the tonka bean which for the occasion has taken on a very sweet but also very blonde color that will marry equally well with the aromatic notes, solar flowers and the beautiful delicacies of the depths of Bean Délicieuse. The tonka bean has many faces and François Demachy was able to reveal them throughout the discovery in this Delicious Bean.

We first enter this Delicious Bean with very surprising notes of fresh aromatic herbs such as lavender or mint. Then in the heart, sunny and delicate flowers of jasmine and freesias blossom into velvety and fruity notes of sour cherry. The omen of these candied delicacies allows us to discover the intensely greedy depths of Bean Délicieuse which will be revealed around a vanilla from Madagascar in the olfactory sweetness of caramel, milk and cocoa. The woody powers of sandalwood, cedar and tonka bean of course will combine with a leather note to contrast the delicious sweets in brilliant sensual obscurities.

“I wanted to compose a fragrance that is a personalized representation of the Tonka bean and celebrate its duality between sweetness and surprising bitterness. »François Demachy for Fève Délicieuse by Dior.


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