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Eau de parfum La Vie est Belle Absolu de Parfum Lancôme

Life is Belle l’Absolu, more beautiful and more intense than ever

The brand was launched with the release of 5 fragrances the same year. In 2012, the Lancôme house presented “La vie est Belle, l’Eau de Parfum”, a hymn to happiness. One year after this success, Lancôme unveils a variation with “La vie est Belle, l’Eau de parfum light”. Finally, in 2014, we discovered “La vie est Belle, l’Absolu”, a richer and more intense fragrance than its two elders.

Life is more intense

Two years after the great success of “La vie est Belle, l’Eau de Parfum”, the Lancôme brand unveils ” Life is Beautiful, the Absolute “. If this fragrance is always an ode to happiness, to life, to femininity, it is nonetheless intense and richer than the original. Anne Flipo, at the origin of this perfume, with Dominique Ropion, explains “To create an absolute, it is necessary to sublimate the notes, especially of heart and base to make them even more powerful, more present, more captivating while keeping the personality of the perfume ”. It is a perfect fusion between the iris and the gourmet accord built for the Eau de Parfum which is thus sublimated in the Absolute. This makes it possible to offer the maximum of the quintessence of “La vie est Belle”, in an even more powerful version.

The rich and delicious notes of La vie est Belle, l’Absolu

There is no doubt that the Lancôme variation is more intense than the original. The gourmet iris accord has been enhanced and refined. “Life is Beautiful, the Absolute” opens with aldehyde notes. These are quickly joined by fruity and sweet notes such as blackcurrant and pear. The heart is ultra flowery thanks to jasmine, orange blossom and iris, which is magnified here. Using a high perfumery process, the iris is for the first time concentrated to 33%. The base, meanwhile, retains its gourmet notes with vanilla and praline. It also retains its sensual side thanks to the presence of tonka bean, patchouli, cistus labdanum and cashmere wood. The heavyweight bottle takes up the codes of its elder. Its nectar is this time of intense pink color.

Helped by Julia Roberts’ magnificent smile, Lancôme presents “La vie est Belle, l’Absolu”. More intense and richer than the original, however, Lancôme’s fragrance has only one goal, to make life more beautiful, again and again …

La Vie est Belle for Lancôme since the release of its legendary fragrance in 2012! In just a few months, the pretty smile bottle has climbed the steps of fame via a long celebrity and always so splendid whatever the variations. After the Eau de Parfum, La Vie est Belle Eau de Toilette, La Vie est Belle l’Absolu de Parfum comes to offer us the best of the notes of this greedy fruity smile that enchants all women.

La Vie Absolu de Parfum, iris gluttony pushed to its limits by Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion

For several years, Lancôme has specialized in the creation of perfumes for women with unique added value: a touch of happiness! Poème, Trésor, and now La Vie est belle, each Lancôme feminine perfume tells us the beautiful story of a fulfilled woman, a feminine woman while being herself, a modern woman in short.

La Vie est Belle is certainly one of the house’s greatest hits. In addition to an absolutely irresistible marketing image by the wonderful smile of Julia Roberts, La Vie est Belle is a perfume that is at the same time sophisticated but sober, dynamic but delicate. With its many facets, La Vie est Belle fills us all.

So as if to better bewitch us with its charms, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion have imagined at Vie est Belle a perfume absolute that would allow them to exhale the power of the iris and the delicacies of the original bottle in a concentrate of happiness. Anne Flipo explains the creation of La Vie est Belle the Absolute of Perfume in this way: “to create a perfume absolute, you have to sublimate the notes, especially in the heart and in the base, so as to make them more powerful, more present, everything. by keeping the original personality of the perfume ”Anne Flipo on the release of La Vie est Belle Absolu de Parfum.

A languid iris and tempting woody gourmet sensualities for La Vie est Belle Absolu de Parfum

If the initial trio of creators of La Vie est Belle lost Olivier Polge, who has since become appointed perfumer of the house of Chanel, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion reminds us that with La Vie est Belle Absolu de parfum, their passion for the crystal smile remains intact. to offer us this elixir of life. In reality the two perfumers went to seek the highest concentrations of the raw materials of La Vie est Belle to explode them in La Vie est Belle Absolu de Parfum.

Thus in La Vie est belle Absolu de Parfum we will find more or less the same accords as in the original bottle. However, the concentrations having greatly intensified, the iris pallida accord marries the orange blossom absolute and the jasmine absolute of the heart, together becoming real caresses of flowery velvet alongside the more discreet fruity notes. heads. As for the depths, they are worked so as to be less woody but much more greedy thanks to the vanilla here overdosed to be delivered like a delight of sensuality and warmth.

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