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Hugo Boss Boss The Scent for Her Absolute Eau de Parfum

The Scent pour Femme gains in intensity

Better yet, in 2016 she will offer the handsome seducer a magnificent companion, Boss The Scent For her , who would accompany her wonderfully in her sensual dreams with her totally bewitching oriental floral scents. In 2019, the heat will rise again with the arrival of Boss The Scent For her Absolute and its gourmet coffee accord. & Nbsp;

When coffee takes over our senses for Boss The Scent For her Absolute

By presenting itself in an ultra sensual campaign with the ambassador Boss the Scent Theo James, Boss the scent For Her has created its glamorous and sensual aura worn by the so pretty Anna Ewers. It must be said that the scented composition of this feminine juice has also seduced us with its fruity, flowery and honeyed bursts coated with a suave and powerful cocoa.

“Attraction, seduction, addiction… In line with the ultra-feminine creative vision of Jason Wu, artistic director of Boss Women ready-to-wear, the brand is launching a brand new eau de parfum, each emanation of which is the reflection of a stage of amorous conquest. “ Vogue Boss The Scent For Her. & nbsp;

As the bottles go, the perfumers will reinterpret this sensuality by increasing its gluttony as with the flowery coffee of Boss The scent Private Accord For her or by increasing its freshness with citrus fruits married to sun-kissed flowers as in Boss The Scent For her Eau de toilette in 2018.

This time in 2019, coffee will once again be in the spotlight of this Boss the Scent for her Absolute but, a notable difference, it will no longer be displayed alongside the flowers to prefer fruity and vanilla dimensions to them. wish.

Boss the Scent For her Absolute, the intense sensuality of a glamorous masculine-feminine style

If the scent composition of Boss The Scent For Her exhaled an obvious singularity by its heart of osmanthus married to peach and cocoa, the perfumer Louise Turner knew how to open a new world to perfume with her accord of woody and flowery coffee, star of Boss The scent For Her Private Accord. much so that in this Boss the Scent For her Absolute he even dares to take the place of flowers!

Boss The scent For Her Absolute effectively plays the card of originality from the start by marrying the iconic peach note of Boss The scent For Her with a creamy, powerful and slightly wild honey. At the heart, the hot coffee echoes this animal and greedy force so feminine that it does not need flowers to dress the woman. Finally the cocoa disappears from this opus of 2019 to give way to intense woody depths of vetiver and vanilla, sensuality at its height!


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