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Hypnôse Lancôme perfume

With the perfume Hypnose, let yourself be enchanted

The name of the brand was chosen a little at random, because Armand Petitjean wanted a French sound, which could rhyme with “Place Vendôme” … Today, we owe the brand great perfumes that have become cult such as “La vie is Beautiful, Magnificent, Treasure, Black Magic”. In 2005, the brand unveiled “Hypnosis”. This captivating fragrance marks the 50th fragrance of the house … A somewhat bewitching anniversary!

Hypnosis, a captivating pleasure

As its name suggests, “Hypnosis” is a bewitching fragrance, it fascinates and attracts without limits. “Hypnosis” was imagined to make a woman even more sensual than she already has, thus her power of seduction. No one will resist “Hypnosis”, because this fragrance combines a captivating presence with an almost feline charm, but above all very tempting. The “Hypnosis” woman is irresistible, attractive. She likes to seduce and exercise power over men. A simple glance and it turns into an enigmatic carnal game, bu t as attractive as possible. “Hypnosis” increases tenfold these powers of seduction and its magnetism. “Hypnosis” is a secret asset, which will take you on other paths … It’s up to you to follow it.

The oriental and solar notes of Hypnosis

To achieve this very particular attraction of “Hynose”, the composition has an unprecedented accord of vanilla and vetiver. “Hypnosis” begins with the invigorating and no less airy notes of bergamot. These combine with notes of passion fruit and heliotrope. The heart is composed of Sambac jasmine and solar notes. Vetiver in the base note brings a full-bodied side, but above all unexpected, because it is an ingredient that is usually found in men’s fragrances. Vanilla then contrasts with the notes of vetiver, offering a soft and sensual aspect. As for the bottle, it is original to say the least. The nectar is presented in a pure, sober and at the same time complex setting. A fascinating, avant-garde look, the bottle is in fact a tribute to the “Magie” perfume released in 1950. Its bottle was then inspired by the silhouette of a Japanese woman. Too complicated for the time, the bottle of “Magic” could not be kept as planned. Today, the Hypnosis bottle, which has become a feminine jewel, is in reality a real architectural challenge.

A bottle at the height of luxury where sensual curves dance with light. A nectar of a composition made of contrasts. More than bewitching, the perfume “Hypnose” is a sensational and madly seductive story.

Released in 2012, “ Hypnosis ”is an enigmatic fragrance to say the least. “Hypnosis” fascinates, irresistibly attracts. The woman who wears “Hypnosis” is a captivating and mysterious woman. She is also very attractive. The “Hypnosis” woman captivates those around her and amazes with her extraordinary charisma. This presence gives him an almost feline charm, incredibly disturbing. Signed Thierry Wasser and Annick Ménardo, “Hypnosis” takes you into a whirlwind of almost new emotions.

< h2> A talented duo of perfumers behind Hypnosis

In order to create this captivating fragrance, Lancôme has chosen two of the most talented perfumers, namely Thierry Wasser and Annick Ménardo. Thierry Wasser was born in Switzerland in 1961. He developed a passion for smells at a young age and joined the Givaudan company in 1981. Today, Thierry Wasser excels in his passion. He became the official perfumer of Guerlain, succeeding 4 generations of Guerlain. We owe Thierry Wasser dazzling fragrances such as “Mon Guerlain, La Petite robe Noire” by Guerlain, or “Dior Addict” by Dior. Annick Ménardo was born in Cannes. A graduate of ISIPCA, Annick Ménardo entered Créations Aromatique (now Symrise), before joining the Firmenich company. We owe Annick Ménardo some very beautiful perfumes such as “Le Premier Parfum” by Lolita Lempicka, “Kokoriko” by Jean-Paul Gaultier or even “Boss Bottled” by Hugo Boss.

Hypnosis, notes luminous and solar scents

You should know that “Hypnose” is the 50th fragrance from the Lancôme brand. This is why the brand chose a fascinating fragrance to celebrate this anniversary. “Hypnosis” begins with the airy notes of bergamot associated with that of bergamot and those of passion flowers. Also called “Passionflower”, the passion flower is a climbing plant native to South America. The passion flower is considered an exuberant plant that offers more than 400 species. Native Americans used the flowers to heal wounds and bruises. Its juice treated eye problems. Passionflower is known nowadays for its soothing and relaxing effect. In perfumery, the passion flower gives off fruity, floral and exotic tones. The heart of “Hypnosis” is loaded with jasmine, a luminous ingredient par excellence, which also combines with solar touches. Finally, the base of “Hypnosis” is a perfect accord of vanilla and vetiver for a base that is both intense and intimate. The bottle is luxurious, whose curves and facets dance with the light.

Magnificent reinterpretation of the “Magie” perfume developed in 1950, with a breathtaking femininity. At the same time mysterious, enigmatic and attractive, the “Hypnosis” woman is really attractive. The composition, signed Thierry Wasser and Annick Ménardo, is as sensual as it is solar.

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