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Kenzo World Power Kenzo Eau de Parfum

The Kenzo World perfume takes power!

However, in 2016, the brand decided to mark a turning point in the history of its feminine perfumery. It was on this date that the new Kenzo World appeared . With a very original bottle, crazy advertising and an exuberant scent, it has left no one indifferent and continues to reinvent itself, becoming in turn Kenzo World Intense and Kenzo World Eau de Toilette. . Even today, Kenzo has decided to write a new chapter in its history. Focus on Kenzo World Power, the latest brand creation.

Kenzo World Power, a fragrance very different from other feminine essences

Kenzo World Power is a fragrance that differentiates itself from its main rivals by the use of ingredients usually intended for men’s perfumery. Thus, it opens with a vegetal and very aromatic scent of cypress. However, this is an ingredient rarely highlighted in essences for women. His heart, meanwhile, does not play the floral overbid but prefers a surprising and daring fleur de sel. The salt crystals are used here to awaken the senses, and to pave the way for a more delicious and creamy trail. Finally, Kenzo World Power breaks away from its initial bitterness to reach a more rounded and generous base of tonka bean. In general, Kenzo World Power is an “oriental fragrance that dares to break free from floral codes for a femininity full of strength and

Kenzo World Power’s new solar glow

On a purely aesthetic level, Kenzo World Power takes up the codes of its predecessors and comes in an eye-shaped bottle. On the other hand, its bluish color of yesteryear has disappeared in favor of a new brighter and summery glow. The yellow takes hold of this bottle. Its sandblasted glass base has been replaced by a frosted glass which is more transparent. Likewise, its black rubber cap is replaced by a completely limpid glass eyelid. Kenzo’s little ball is always attached to its neck, as if to give the appearance of a pupil, and an even more realistic effect to this confusing visual. Kenzo World Power has a unique visual, “inspired by the Kenzo fashion of Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, and is aimed at all those who do not apologize for being perfectly imperfect”. This perfume advocates diversity and singularity. He encourages each woman to express herself as she sees fit, regardless of what to say. Kenzo World Power is much more than a perfume: it is a symbol and a manifesto of freedom for the young generation.

When the great Kenzo Takada took an interest in perfumery, it was obvious that this would infuse us with his passionate love for the Asian-West blend in a bottle, a love so passionate that he inhabits all his couture creations as if they were perfumed. Yet with Kenzo World, the new artistic directors of the Kenzo house have made the choice to move away from the scented hybridization while continuing to offer singular notes that would come to explode in the olfactory landscape, a huge success is waiting for you. What will happen to this Kenzo Power which also seems to be made to create a surprise?

When sweet and savory freedom is strong in Kenzo World Power

< p> Carol Lim and Humberto Léon, the two new artistic directors of the Kenzo house, have made decisive changes in the Kenzo collections in the choice of colors and materials in order to modernize as much as possible the mixing of cultures so dear to Kenzo Takada. How can we imagine then that these two talented creatives would not do the same with perfumes?

And so it is in the middle of a crazy and highly noticed advertising campaign, Kenzo World will come to offer us through the famous perfumer who created it (Francis Kurkdjian) his delicate notes of jasmine and peony tinged with the ultra sensual and animal heat of ambroxan.

For this variation of 2019, Kenzo World Power, the situation has changed. This time it’s the perfumer & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Jerome Di Marino who will work on the scented composition of this Kenzo World by making him an astonishing hot cold which has no limit in the radicality of his choices, a feminine without flower, Do you believe it & nbsp ;?

“& nbsp; It is a fragrance without flowers. A reinvented femininity without florality … A rather new concept in perfumery. I wanted this fragrance to echo the values ​​of ‘Gen We’. Optimist, pluralist, real: unfiltered! ” Jerome di Marino on Kenzo World Power in La Dépêche .

Kenzo World Power, a feminine fragrance without flower!

From Kenzo World, Jerome di Marino has extracted its lightning sensuality of ambroxan to keep it in Kenzo World Power, better, to magnify it by removing the peony and jasmine to offer it a cocktail of woody notes.

Thus of Quite surprisingly, Kenzo World Power opens with a very rare note in feminine perfumery, cypress. Indeed rare, since the nervous cypress usually inhabits masculine fragrances but for this Kenzo World Power, it will prove to be definitely very feminine alongside a heart note of salt crystals which will assert its woody power while calming it through its iodine strength. Finally, the animal ambroxan of the original composition of Kenzo World will give way to this very “power & nbsp;” opus with a tonka bean note still just as sensual but much more gourmet and round, which turns on contact with the aromatic-woody notes into a seductive elixir at will.

If this pretty Kenzo World Power has no flowers and plays with traditionally feminine olfactory materials to surprise us, nothing will prevent its exacerbated femininity from dazzling us with its singularity!


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