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Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Intensely Eau de Parfum

La Vie Est Belle Itensément: The new intense perfume for women from Lancôme

The brand undisputed best-seller, La Vie Est Belle has been delighting women since 2012. Year after year, it reinvents itself, revealing many faces of the female personality. Once again, history repeats itself. The year 2020 now welcomes La Vie Est Belle Intensément, a new concentrate of joy and gaiety.

Life Is Beautiful Intensely, a manifesto of freedom

Like its predecessors, La Vie Est Belle Intensely is not just a perfume. It delivers a strong message. For Lancôme, it becomes essential that women emancipate themselves, go in search of their own fulfillment. Here, only self-realization and fulfillment matter. La Vie Est Belle Intensément is for all those who feel free to live as they see fit. After all, isn’t that the secret to happiness? “Happiness is a vibration that lives in each of us. It is fleeting but intense. She is here and now. It vibrates in the new Eau de Parfum La Vie Est Belle Intensément ”.
Once again, Lancôme asked Julia Roberts to embody the image of her perfume. It must be said that with her big smile, the actress embodies the cheerfulness desired by Lancôme better than anyone. The face of the brand since 2012, Julia Roberts appears here in an advertisement with red and pink shades, more passionate and intense. For the occasion, she also appears wearing a light and very feminine tulle dress, reminiscent of the small fabric attached to the neck of the Lancôme bottle.

La Vie Est Belle Intensely, Lancôme signs a very floral composition < / h2>

La Vie Est Belle Intensément uses the main ingredients of its predecessors. However, the raw materials of his recipe are orchestrated and associated here differently, for a very subtle and rich rendering of many reliefs. It all starts with a striking contrast between the freshness of bergamot and the spicier heat of pink pepper. The fruity and tangy raspberry binds it all together. This sweetness then opens the way to a floral heart, composed of orange blossom, sambac jasmine and heliotrope. For a smoother and more seductive finish, vanilla gives off a warm aura here. The red iris gives this composition a very elegant powdery smell. Finally, La Vie Est Belle Intensément vibrates one last time in contact with the woods, combining sandalwood, patchouli and benzoin.
On the bottle side, Lancôme is not changing its habits. Once again, La Vie Est Belle Intensément is presented in the wide smile bottle, initially designed in 1949 by George Delhomme, at the request of Armand Petitjean. This time, its bottle is tinted with a deeper pink, a color also present on the piece of tulle attached to its collar, as well as on its elegant packaging.

A true manifesto of joy de vivre, Lancôme’s La Vie Est Belle perfume made its appearance in 2012, appearing as a floral and gourmet scent, but also and above all as a conviction. La Vie Est Belle clearly aims to make the women who wear it happier and more smiling. However, to fill them with joy once again, Lancôme has decided to create a derivative of this cult scent called La Vie Est Belle Intensément, designed in 2020. Because “happiness does not wait”, La Vie Est Belle Intensément appears. “Today, here, now”. So, what about his new recipe, still presented in an iconic bottle with a crystal smile?

The fruity and peppery freshness of La Vie Est Belle Intensément

Right from the start, from its top notes, La Vie Est Belle Intensément daringly tickles our nostrils. Indeed, like many perfumes, it starts with a citrus scent. Here, it is more specifically bergamot, a fruit resulting from the cross between lemon and sour orange. Slightly bitter and tangy, this fruit immediately blends with the summery sweetness of raspberries. Ideal to make our mouths water, this ingredient almost gives the impression of a sweet marmalade. However, don’t be fooled by its apparent sweetness. It immediately gains more pep’s, on contact with a more spicy and fiery pink pepper. Undeniably, the woman who wears La Vie Est Belle Intensément by Lancôme does not lack character!

The floral tenderness of Lancôme’s heart

Then, all the DNA of this collection resurfaces of his heart, charged with tenderness and a more poetic sweetness. La Vie Est Belle Intensément is more feminine and floral, while daring an infinitely luminous bouquet. Jasmine displays all its opulence here, accompanied by heliotrope and orange blossom. The euphoric surge of La Vie Est Belle Intensément is therefore replaced by a more velvety and sensual bouquet.

The iris sublimates the wake of La Vie Est Belle Intensément

Then, it is in the background of this perfume that the emblematic ingredient of the La Vie Est Belle saga makes its appearance. You will have recognized it, it is the iris. Iconic flower of La Vie Est Belle, also one of the noblest ingredients of the perfumer’s entire palette, this time the iris is wrapped in vanilla, to reveal over the hours a totally irresistible force of attraction. For a more generous and racy finish, a benzoin resin also joins the set. Finally, La Vie Est Belle Intensément ends with the essence of patchouli, a wood emblematic of perfumery, known to bring more character and persistence to the fragrances that contain it.
La Vie Est Belle Intensément appears as“ a textured halo that vibrates Lancôme’s iconic trail with unprecedented intensity ”.


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