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Madras Boucheron Tuberose Eau de Parfum

The exotic Madras Tuberose recipe

Also, as if to pay homage to this sacred union, Boucheron has just made a perfume homage to India. This is part of a brand new collection and is called Tubéreuse de Madras.

The exotic Madras Tuberose recipe

Madras tuberose is a perfume that smells of the sun. Thus, it takes care of bright flowers and exotic fruits. It is a fragrance intended for men and women wishing to discover the world. This recipe is signed by perfumer Christophe Raynaud. It begins with a solar flight of orange blossom. This Mediterranean plant is accompanied by the elegance of the violet series as well as by the exoticism of the passion fruit. Then, tuberose, a major ingredient in this perfume, takes place in its heart never to leave it again. It is first of all accompanied by ylang-ylang and frangipani. Then, its softness is accentuated at its base. Madras tuberose ends with an enveloping combination of sandalwood and vanilla. The result is a creamy and sunny scent,

Boucheron gives us an Indian landscape

So where does Boucheron really want to take us with this perfume? In fact, Madras is the ancient name of the city of Chennai, located in South India. This city is the fourth largest city in India in terms of area. It is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu. To give you an idea, this one has many temples and one of the major cultural centers of India. This fishing village is bordered by the sea. It is largely populated by Tamils ​​but many Sri Lankan residents also form a large foreign community. Finally, it is a very important artistic pole in which music and dance are taught, enough to give birth to limitless creativity as evidenced by the brand new Tubéreuse de Madras by Boucheron.


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