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Si Passione Red Maestro Armani Eau de Parfum

Si Passione Red Maestro, the perfume of a seductive and luminous woman

Today, writing a new chapter in this story, Armani invites us to discover a limited edition of its fragrance Si Passione . Covered with a red satin ribbon, like Cate Blanchett, her new perfume is called Si Passione Red Maestro. It is a real invitation to passion!

Si Passione Red Maestro, the perfume of a seductive and luminous woman

If Passione Red Maestro is an essence that dresses women in a veil of passion . With it, no need to try to resist: Armani intends to make you succumb to temptation! If Passione Red Maestro does not lack character and is made to be noticed! The woman who wears it likes to attract all eyes on her, and more particularly that of the man she covets! Si Passione Red Maestro is a limited edition that symbolizes power. This juice simply invites you to enjoy life to the fullest. But then, how does this materialize in concrete terms?

When the Armani bottle is dressed in satin

In this new limited edition, the silhouette of the Armani bottle remains perfectly unchanged. Thus, Si Passione Red Maestro plays on contrasts. On the one hand, its very square base opposes a rounder cap. The very strict side faces more freedom and generosity. Likewise, opaque black is opposed to red lacquering. If these two colors are diametrically different, they both embody a very powerful temperament. Si Passione Red Maestro is an elegant perfume which, thanks to its red color, symbolizes temptation, prohibition, love and danger. No need to try to resist him! In addition, to sublimate its sensual side, Armani wrapped it in a satin ribbon, as could be the body of a naked woman, simply dressed in red silk.

The new luminous breath of Si Passione Red Maestro < / h2>

Of course, on a purely olfactory level, Si Passione Red Maestro is inspired by its predecessors. Thus, certain ingredients immediately remind us of the previous versions of Si. Blackcurrant, rose and vanilla are still in the game. They are enriched with a few other raw materials giving the whole more radiance, pep’s and animality. Initially, pink pepper essence was incorporated into its recipe, to give it more bite. Jasmine, meanwhile, makes the whole more solar and luminous. Finally, Si Passione Red Maestro ends with an animal and seductive part. The result is a floral and fruity scent, still structured around the key markers of the Si fragrance, while being more vibrant and addicting than ever!


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