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This is Her! Eau de Parfum No Rules Zadig & Voltaire

No Rules with Zadig & Voltaire

“Paris, left bank, from concerts to evenings, the Zadig & amp; Voltaire woman designs a lifestyle inspired by contemporary art. […] A rebellious attitude. An effortless style that encapsulates the Zadig spirit ”. Today, history is reinventing itself and the heroine of Zadig & amp; Voltaire resurfaces for our greatest pleasure. The niche fragrance offered by the brand is called This Is Her ! No Rules. It is thus described as being the fragrance of a “free, elegant and solar” woman.

Zadig & amp; Voltaire offers us a new military bottle

This Is Her! No Rules is presented in an original bottle, which is reminiscent of the style of its predecessor. Indeed, its shape remains exactly the same as before. Quite simple in appearance, it forms a glass cube, only three sides of which are perfectly smooth. The fourth, for its part, seems to have been cut brutally, directly from a block of glass. However, do not be fooled by this apparent negligence… Every detail has been carefully worked on here. In fact, the unique shape of the wall of This Is Her! No Rules is made to mesh perfectly with that of its female counterpart. This Is Her! No Rules is now completely transparent. He swapped his opaque white lacquering of yesteryear for a military trellis decoration, subtly imagined by the school of Penninghen architecture of Paris. This Is Her! No Rules relies on strength and courage. The message could not be clearer and has universal significance here. However, to bring a touch of femininity to its bottle, Zadig & amp; Voltaire has incorporated some pinkish nuance into its design. More than ever, the This Is Her! No Rules is halfway between strength and softness.

This Is Her! No Rules, a tender and sunny woman

On the scent side, it seems that Zadig & amp; Voltaire has rather taken the bias of softness and tenderness. This Is Her! No Rules starts off with a fresh and luminous combination of bergamot, pear and jasmine. A fruity opulence emerges from this fragrance which opens the way to an infinitely greedy heart. This Is Her! No Rules is then wrapped in chestnut, whipped cream and vanilla. This delight becomes even lighter in contact with orange blossom, a radiant Mediterranean plant. Finally, This Is Her! No Rules ends with a creamy base of cashmere and sandalwood. Definitely, with This Is Her! No Rules, tenderness joins rebellion!


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