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Women Calvin Klein Eau de Parfum

Women Calvin Klein, the fragrance for women!

The sensual and sulphurous essences Obsession and Obsession For Men or the beautiful refined Eternity and Eternity For Men made us discover the Calvin Klein universe in rare fragrances to better propel us into the young and trendy spheres of CK One in 1995 .

Calvin Klein perfumes like to surprise us and reinvent new codes and the beautiful Women will come, like its predecessors, to offer us in 2018 a universe of its own between a tribute to past femininity and the scent of a new woman.

Women or the ode to femininity of today and yesterday according to Calvin Klein

CK One, the great bestseller of the Calvin Klein house, upset the perfumery of the 90s by offering a mixed perfume, something very rare at the time, but also by propelling the lives of young people of the time in advertisements and a concept community that resemble them.

For Women, no young tribes in jeans and white t-shirts! On the other hand, two very famous women from all Hollywood but also very representative of the young generation of actresses, Lupita Nyong’o and Saoirse Ronan, will come to converse about their vision of the woman on our screens in order to make Women of Calvin Klein their point. gathering.

Better still, the two ambassadors of Women will refer to these women who marked their dreams such as Nina Simone or Sissy Spacek. Thus visuals and advertisements of Women will highlight the beauty of the two young actresses by displaying the icons of their past, of our past. Because Women is the scent of all women, those of today and those of yesterday, but also those of tomorrow.

“I found it very exciting that it was shared between you and me, and this whole community. Not only actresses but also the women in our lives. »Saoirse Ronan tells for Women to Madame Le Figaro.

Woody-floral accords married to beautiful freshness for a bewitching Women fragrance

Honorine Blanc and Annick Ménardo wanted to compose Women by Calvin Klein with olfactory materials that are sometimes very traditional in feminine perfumery such as magnolia or jasmine absolute, sometimes with absolutely new notes in a feminine bottle like the note of eucalyptus. The idea is always for Women to marry the present and the past in order to create a portrait of the woman in perfume.

Women will therefore leave us projecting her fresh and spicy scents of black pepper, lemon and eucalyptus to symbolize this free and spontaneous woman of the 21st century. Then in the heart, we will plunge with delight into this sweet scented femininity and timeless floral thanks to notes of orange blossom, magnolia and jasmine. Finally, olibanum resin, ambroxan and cedar will form the intense and sensual woody cocoon of this modern woman who dares to charm with ease.

Women by Calvin Klein, a floral-woody

Released in August 2018, the niche fragrance from the house of Calvin Klein was particularly eagerly awaited by the public, and for good reason… It is the first Calvin Klein juice to have been developed under the direction of the brand new artistic director, Raf Simons. Inspired by his personal passion for photography, he depicts the portrait of a woman, or rather that of all women at the same time. Presented in a sleek bottle with a contemporary design, the Women perfume has a universal scope. It seems to contain within it all the power and different personalities of women from all corners of the globe. So let’s take a closer look at how this materializes on a purely olfactory level.

The complex recipe of Women

Women is a floral fragrance, a category of essences very famous in feminine perfumery. However, its recipe turns out to be quite complex. With him, it is all the immensity of the feminine character that resurfaces with a simple breath. This perfume is aimed at multiple personalities. “Calvin Klein Women is a tribute to the contrasts that femininity can harbor. Infinitely varied and deeply complex, like the personalities of the women who inspired him ”. Women begins with a particularly contrasting scent. On the one hand, eucalyptus gives off an intense vegetal freshness. This feeling of liveliness is further amplified by the presence of citrus fruits. On the other hand, this apparent clarity faces the more fiery incandescence of black pepper. Then, Women evolves towards a more floral and feminine heart. It revolves around three main white flowers: orange blossom, magnolia and jasmine. From then on, Women became more opulent and solar. Its base, meanwhile, is made of noble woods. Women immediately becomes more resinous and intense. He seems to have all the strength and daring of femininity. You will understand, little by little, Women darkens, gaining in power and character. This fragrance evolves over the hours. It is thought of as the image of a woman who takes a long time to tame. He discovers himself little by little and does not reveal his whole personality at first breath. Women by Calvin Klein is a very elaborate fragrance with a certain complexity.

A composition signed Honorine Blanc and Annick Ménardo

To make this fragrance, the Calvin Klein brand called on a duo of perfumers. This is made up of the talented Honorine Blanc and Annick Ménardo. Both are nevertheless already well known to the brand since it is also to them that we owe the previous Obsessed For Women of 2017. This duo can boast of having already to its credit numerous collaborations with luxury brands. . Used to working together, the designers both come from Firmenich, a giant in the world of perfumery. There is no doubt that they come here to draw one of their most beautiful essences.


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