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Amarige de Givenchy, a burst of happiness

Amarige de Givenchy, a burst of happiness
Amarige de Givenchy, a burst of happiness

Amarige is a perfume imagined by the house of Givenchy in 1991 . Also, his primary ambition is to embody happiness. As a result, its essence is particularly bright. It transcribes the gaiety and the joy of living. Also, its scent is very Mediterranean and seems as sun-drenched as its pretty, somewhat golden hue. He then plunges us into a wildly feminine and sensual universe where the atmosphere is similar to that of a summer evening. So take advantage of it, we are offering you a unique opportunity to sunbathe for less while we are plunged into the heart of winter.

Amarige, a floral fragrance revisited many times

Amarige is an exceptional essence imagined by a talented perfumer, namely Dominique Ropion. The latter wanted to highlight a rich bouquet of white flowers. In this case, we find mimosa, gardenia, neroli, jasmine and ylang-ylang. This armful of flowers is particularly luminous and brings an incomparable breeze of femininity. Amarige is however nuanced by a velvety contribution of peach and fruity tones of plum. Likewise, a citrus accord gives it a touch of dynamism. Then, rosewood and violet leaves give it a greener look and a natural elegance. Its background is more woody.

It notably associates cedar, vetiver and cashmere wood. Finally, vanilla and tonka bean are there as if to give a little more heat to the whole. Also, between 2006 and 2011, this fragrance was used so as to highlight a single flower each time. These limited editions only reinforced the charm of the original essence. Thus, we saw the birth of Amarige Mimosa from Grasse in 2006, Amarige Ylang Ylang from Mayotte in 2007, Amarige Mimosa from India in 2008, and Amarige Mimosa from Grasse in 2010.

All the aura of Givenchy in a perfume

The Amarige fragrance by Givenchy exudes a real aura. Its luminosity is unparalleled and it perfectly combines refinement, liveliness and joie de vivre. With him, the heat is whimsical and takes us into a whirlwind of happiness. If Amarige is the anagram of the word marriage, it is undoubtedly to instill in us the idea that between him and women it is a true love story. Its trail is captivating and carries with it real assets of seduction. Also, all this grace shows through its bottle. This draws the generous curves of a woman. He plays with light and brings a glow in everyday life. Surrounded by a large gold wedding ring, its stopper dances like a flower.

It almost evokes hair in the wind. He seems in motion, turned towards the future and caught in a veritable whirlwind of gaiety.


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