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Givenchy’s latest Gentlemen Only box set, when essence rhymes with elegance

Gentlemen Only by Givenchy, a compendium of seduction and elegance in a box

Since 2013, the Givenchy house has paid tribute to contemporary and seductive men as we all dream of them. Both refined and intrepid, they can be recognized at a glance and belong to the very select club of gentlemen. They display a very assumed masculinity associated with a touch of impertinence but above all with a lot of courtesy. We can easily imagine them dressed in a white shirt and a perfectly tailored jacket, their eyes sparkling and their eyes at the corners of their lips. Gentlemen Only is a blend of seduction and elegance . Note that it is now available in the form of a box.

Gentlemen Only and its freshly woody scent

Gentlemen Only is a fragrance that plays on contrasts and revisits the traditional aromatic accord of men’s perfumery. It begins with an intense freshness of green mandarin. Nevertheless, this citrus is immediately tickled by the spicy presence of pink berry and nutmeg. Here we have the fearless side of man. Then, her more tender and enveloping masculinity takes over. Gentlemen Only ends with a woody trio of patchouli, cedar and vetiver, all in relief and confidence.

The Givenchy box

Gentlemen Only is this time presented to us in a box entirely covered in a very timeless and refined black color. Its cardboard case is also strewn with stars as well as the name of Givenchy in relief. An elegant knot of fabric and tied on one of its sides. It contains three star products from the Gentlemen Only range. This set also contains the spray of this perfume in a 100 ml format accompanied by the shower gel and the Gentlemen Only aftershave balm.


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