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Live Irrésistible a burst of fragrant laughter signed Givenchy

Live Irrésistible A burst of fragrant laughter signed Givenchy
Live Irrésistible A burst of fragrant laughter signed Givenchy

After having distilled us a touch of Angel or Demon or even a magnificent and glamorous Very Irrésistible, the Givenchy house offers us a scented cocktail of good humor called Live Irrésistible. Incarnated by the sparkling Amanda Seyfried, Irresistible Live is intended to be as tender as it is dynamic, as racy as it is deliciously fruity, like the many facets of its muse. So will you dive into this colorful and daring bath from Givenchy?

Live Irresistible or the touch of extra in the ordinary

Of course, we will have understood it, if Live Irrésistible has a colorful personality of its own , he is also one of the direct descendants of Very Irrésistible which was created in 2003. Protéiforme, the pretty Very Irrésistible exhaled the scents of a sensual woman and glamorous while his brilliant descendant of 2015 Live Irrésistible is more facetious and more playful. On the other hand, it would seem that the Givenchy house has never ceased to love offering us contrasting fragrances and in this Live Irrésistible will hardly be different from its predecessors.

Regarding commercial communication, Givenchy did not hesitate to play on the playful and seductive personality of its petulant muse Amanda Seyfried to offer us a visual and an advertising film as funny as it is filled with good humor.

“For Givenchy, the actress and muse Amanda Seyfried could not better embody this woman. Her natural beauty and freshness, her humorous attitude is quite simply… irresistible. »Givenchy for Live Irrésistible.

The film of Live Irrésistible was shot in Paris by Matthew Frost in order to play on the contrasts between a beautiful American and French elegance. In the end, the lady of Live Irrésistible walks us through the streets and luxurious interiors of the capital to take us for a few moments in her “funny life”. Humor and irony of the situations are at the rendezvous and we easily let ourselves be carried away by the impertinent charm of the young lady Live Irrésistible. Besides, do we really resist a Live Irresistible woman?

“You are extraordinary. You are unique. Your smile is bright. A touch of mischief makes your energy… irresistible! » Givenchy for Live Irrésistible .

Fruits, flowers and spices for a sparkling Irresistible Live

Of course, the pretty bottle of Live Irrésistible takes up the now very famous geometric shapes of its elder Very Irrésistible. However, for this new opus more spicy than ever, the soft pink glass is adorned with original glass peaks giving an absolutely unique aspect to the bottle of Live Irrésistible.

Live Irrésistible was composed by the great perfumer Dominique Ropion. It opens with tangy top notes of grapefruit and tangerine cradled by the tenderness of an exotic and fresh pineapple note. A few pink berries bring their spicy hint. At the heart, delicate rose petals mingle with totally exotic passion fruit and soaked in sweet sunshine. Finally, the sweet treats of praline and vanillin are powdered with some precious irises. Sensual patchoulis and white musks coat these powdery sweets with beautiful sensuality.

“Take only the best out of life and bring a touch of the ordinary with the new Live Irrésistible Eau de Parfum!” »Givenchy for live Irrésistible.


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