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Gentleman Only Casual Chic, the fragrance for modernly chic men

Gentleman Only Casual Chic, the fragrance for modernly chic men
Gentleman Only Casual Chic, the fragrance for modernly chic men

It all started when Hubert de Givenchy, then aged 17, left Beauvais, his hometown for Paris, hoping to work for Balenciaga… Although his dream did not come true, he nevertheless succeeded in founding the Givenchy fashion house in 1952. The following year, his meeting with Audrey Hepburn propelled the young brand to the forefront of the podiums. In 1957, he dedicated his first fragrance “L’Interdit” to his American friend. After many olfactory successes, Givenchy presents in 2015, “Gentleman Only Casual Chic” , a variation of the star fragrance “Gentleman Only”.

The elegance of man to infinity

In 2013, Givenchy unveiled “Gentleman Only”. An ultra chic, sensual masculine fragrance with a touch of humor. Who has never seen, a commercial or the charismatic Simon Baker (the actor of Mentalist), plays the gentleman with young women no less charismatic? The success is immediate, perhaps a little thanks to Simon Baker, and all men have understood that “Gentleman Only” is the fragrance of modern and sensual men.. In 2015, in the face of this success, the brand presented a “Gentleman Only Casual Chic” version. If the latter is still as seductive as her eldest, she nevertheless wants to be fresher, but above all more chic, as her name suggests. “Gentleman Only Casual Chic” is the fragrance of men in their thirties, sure of themselves, but who possess an almost innate elegance. Because it is lighter than its predecessor, “Gentleman Only Casual Chic” is the perfect fragrance for summer.

Gentleman Only Casual Chic and its ultra fresh notes

It was the perfumers Jean Jacques and Francis Kurkdjian who imagined the fragrance of masculine elegance. “Gentleman Only Casual Chic” begins with the freshness of cardamom enhanced by ginger and juniper. The heart is full of masculine scents, namely birch leaves and cedarwood. Finally, the base of “Gentleman Only Casual Chic” and sensual, because it combines sandalwood and ambroxan. The bottle uses the general codes of its predecessor. Always so chic and with rounded curves, the bottle is reminiscent of the flask of English gentlemen. The seat is here in silver metal echoing the cap in the same color. The transparency of the glass will nevertheless reveal the color of the juice, sky blue. The orange line inside the bottle brings, for its part,

“Gentleman Only Casual Chic” or the fragrance for modern men. Like Simon Baker, the “Casual Chic” man is charming, sensual, charismatic with something inexplicable that makes him so attractive. The variation of “Gentleman Only” keeps its promises and ensures an essence full of chic freshness.


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