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Givenchy perfume L’ange Noir, more captivating than ever

The Dark Angel, more bewitching than ever
The Dark Angel, more bewitching than ever

Between modernity and tradition, the Givenchy fashion house has acquired undeniable know-how. Founded in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy, the brand is gradually gaining in luxury creations, in particular thanks to the intervention of American actress Audrey Hepburn. The first perfume of the brand “L’Interdit”, released in 1958, is also dedicated to him. After many olfactory successes, in 2016 Givenchy presents “L’Ange Noir” , a feminine fragrance that follows the legendary “Ange ou Démon” released 10 years earlier.

The universe of Givenchy’s new angel

“Ange ou Démon” was released in 2006 and the success was immediate. Perfume of duality, “Ange ou Démon” traces the portrait of a woman with a personality that could not be more mysterious, but above all very attractive. Tempting and diabolical creature “Angel or Demon” is the fragrance of a lunar woman. “The Black Angel” takes up the mystery of its predecessor. Always so intriguing, “The Black Angel” portrays a woman both dark and luminous. Regarding the creation of this perfume, Givenchy affirms “Each woman is an enigma…

A clue ? Her perfume. Its wake, captured in a precious glittery bottle, oscillates between shadow and light and fascinates by the unexpected meeting of white iris and black sesame. L’Ange Noir, or the captivating story of a fragrance with a divided soul , light and darkness… ”Both poetic and disturbing, the“ Ange Noir ”woman is definitely more electrifying than ever. As radiant as an angel and as elusive as darkness, “the Dark Angel” carries within her a love potion of which she alone has the secret.

The bold and elegant notes of the Dark Angel

“L’ange Noir” is defined as an oriental-floral fragrance. Its composition begins with the freshness of bergamot. The almond makes this start sweeter, while the rose berries give it a certain dynamism. The heart opposes the white iris, and its powdery tones with black sesame, a rather rare ingredient in perfumery, offering here slightly salty tones. Finally, the base of “Ange Noir” ends with sensual notes such as amber and tonka bean.

Like this composition, the bottle of “Ange Noir” could not be more captivating. Like a hypnotic jewel, the chiseled bottle is reminiscent of that of “Ange ou Démon”. Its base is nevertheless more flared and its cap more extended. Its color is intended to be mysterious and oscillates between black and purple. Finally, its studded sequins let imagine a particularly soft and romantic night. Both devilish and desirable, the set perfectly reflects the couture spirit of the Givenchy brand .

Givenchy’s new angel made its appearance in 2016. Ten years after the success of “Ange ou Démon”, the brand unveiled “L’Ange Noir”. Still as mysterious as ever, “Ange Noir” wants to be more captivating and more sensual than ever.


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